NC sex offenders want back on Facebook


The other day I posted about a sex offender who was suing MySpace for giving law enforcement his information. Now we have two North Carolina sex offenders who are fighting to be allowed on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.

For those of you who may not know North Carolina was one of the first states to enact a law that bans registered sex offenders from being on sites like MySpace and Facebook. I’m not a big fan of the law because I thought the main benefit of the law was to get North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper re-elected and that it does nothing about sexual predators who haven’t been caught yet. However there are some sex offenders who have been stupid enough to get caught by this law and I have no problem with sex offenders going back to jail.

Anyway back to this story. The names of the sex offenders are unimportant but one is arguing that he needs to be on sites like Facebook in order to promote his business. The sex offender in question was convicted for indecent liberties with a child. My point being is that he should have thought about the effect of being a sex offender would have on his business before he molested a child.

Not to mention that even if the NC law were to be struck down sites like Facebook and MySpace are private companies. They can ban whoever they feel like and there’s nothing that the sex offenders can do about it.

Man arrested for pimping out girl on casual encounters

Thomas Napolitano

Thomas Napolitano

Police: Tolland Man, Teen Advertised Prostitution Services on Craigslist:

Man, teen netted in prostitution sting:

Batboy over there is 25-year-old Thomas Napolitano of Tolland, Connecticut. He was arrested in Coventry, Conn. for allegedly prostituting a 17-year-old girl on craigslist.

But Trench, I hear you say, how is that possible since craigslist got rid of adult/erotic services worldwide? That’s because Napolitano allegedly posted 46 ads in the casual encounters section of craigslist. You know, the unmoderated and still free section of craigslist.

Again I call on craigslist to either moderate the casual encounters section or get rid of it all together because the community policing is obviously not working.

Seattle has a runaway backpage pimp

Baruti Hopson

Baruti Hopson

Pimp convicted — but not to be found:

32-year-old Baruti Hopson of Seattle was convicted of prostituting an underage girl on the Village Voice Media owned The problem is he wasn’t there to hear his conviction. He testified in his own defense but since he was out on bail he decided to just skip the verdict. So now he has the new charge of being a fugitive to look forward to.

Hopson’s victim was a runaway who he took in then turned her out on the streets or in this case backpage.

Hopson’s case was the first heard under new Washington laws that increase the maximum sentences for child traffickers.

Under the enhanced legislation, pimps face standard sentences of seven to 10 years, up from roughly two, if the victim is under 18. Hopson faces a prison sentence of 20 to 26 years once he’s captured.

How sad is it that the sentencing was recently just two measly years for traffickers? It’s even sadder that the new law only gives them seven years? The saddest thing of all is that Village Voice Media keeps counting their mountains of cash while these girls are sold and traded on their website.

Skokie man charged with sex assault of 12-year-old

Steve Burton

Steve Burton

20-year-old Steve Burton of Skokie, Illinois was caught allegedly having sex in a car with a 12-year-old girl from MySpace. Again as I like to call it, child rape.

Both parties allegedly admitted that the girl was aware of Burton’s age.

This is how blasé we’ve become about this as a society. There’s no outrage anymore over this. It’s just become accepted that 12-year-old girls are going to get raped.

I mean Burton has only been charged with one count of criminal sexual assault and one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Those charges don’t sound like they carry any kind of serious jail time do they?

What does it take to bring back severe sentences again? Urkel over there should be doing hard labor at least if it were up to me.

NY Facebook rapist pleads guilty

David Bradt

David Bradt

I hate it when the media puts certain tags on a criminal like the’Craigslist Killer’ or in this case the ‘Facebook Rapist’ because if history is any indicator they’re not the only ones.

Anyway today’s subject is one 24-year-old David Bradt, of Colonie, New York. He is the most recent Facebook rapist.

Bradt has pleaded guilty to four counts of felony rape for raping teen girls that he met on Facebook. My fingers kept wanting to type MySpace but here we are.

Bradt would friend a teen girl on Facebook then he would friend their friends. Eventually he would get a girl to meet him in real life and then would supply then with booze and weed before raping them.

Through his plea deal Bradt is only looking at 12 to 13 years behind bars and will be a registered sex offender. That comes out to only three years per rape charge. Seems like he got a sweet deal considering.

And again to parents just because Facebook isn’t as low rent as MySpace doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of predators.

Two dead baby girls 17 years a part, one evil monster for a father

child killing S.O.B

Case Details – Daron Duane Davis   




I have not been able to find a whole lot of details on the piece of shit you see above but I can share with you what I do know.  What I do know is that Daron Duane Davis (42) of Greer, SC was convicted in 1995 of homicide by child abuse in the death of his then 11-month-old daughter, Sondria Davis.  Sondria died one month shy of her first birthday.  Another thing I know is that he is now sitting his child-abusing ass in jail again, charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of his 5-month-old daughter, Keris Davis, on January 23rd.    


In 1994 Sondria Davis died. She was beaten according to police and had bruises in various stages of healing from the inside out.  Davis said at the time that he didn’t kill her but admitted to grabbing her by the head.  What?  You mother fucker, you should have rot in prison.  Unfortunately, due to the timing of his conviction, the laws were more lenient and this S.O.B., who was denied parole four times between 2000 and 2005, was released in 2006 after serving 11 years of his sentence.  So basically, a child killer was let loose on another innocent baby girl and she paid the price for his lack of self-control.    


On January 19th, deputies reported to Greenville Memorial Hospital and spoke with Keris’ mother.  She told investigators that the child’s breathing became erratic due to injuries she received.  Doctors placed her on life support.  Keris was removed from life support Sunday January 23rd and passed away.  OMG… this poor baby. She had no chance with this monster for a father and my heart just breaks for her.  Investigators said Duane caused the injuries but would not elaborate on how the injuries occurred. Some articles say he hit her in the head with something. Others say he just hit her in the head.  Either way, he is a motherfucker and needs to be put down!    


Davis is currently resting his sorry ass in the Greenville County Detention Center without bond.   


Ok, so let me say this: First, I rarely cuss in my posts, so if you don’t like it deal with it. If you find typos and/or grammatical errors, deal with those too.  If you can read this post (or any of the links associated with it) and only focus on how I did or didn’t word something, the amount of times I used a swear word, or if I left out or put in a comma somewhere it shouldn’t be, then you are on the wrong blog and need to move on.  You should be focused on the fact the not one but two little girls, 17 years apart, lost their lives in nearly the same way at the hands of the their father.  The man that was supposed to keep them safe from all the evils in the world turned out to be evil they needed protecting from.    


R.I.P. Sondria and Keris, two angels taken too soon, may you find each other in heaven?   

3-year-old burned and bruised

Jeremy and Sarah Haroldson




 The lovely looking pair you see above is Sarah (24) and Jeremy (25) Haroldson, of Sevierville, TN and they have been charged with child abuse for injuries sustained by Sarah’s 3-year-old son. 

Sarah reportedly brought her son to Leconte Medical Center with burns on his buttocks and feet and bruising to his head, back and arms.  The hospital notified police when they determined that is was a case of abuse.  Investigators came to the hospital, determined the injuries were not consistent with mom’s story and that the lil’ guy was injured Saturday night but was not treated for his injures until Sunday morning.  WTH!  The lil’ guy was transferred to Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, GA, where he is being treated for severe burns.   I ask you who allows their child to suffer with any type of burn.  If the burn is in question, or even if it’s not take you baby to the freakin hospital.  

Sarah was booked into the Sevier County Jail under and $15,000 bond.  She was charged with child abuse and child neglect. 

Jeremy was arrested on January 19th.  He has been charged with one count of aggravated child abuse.  Mom’s charges were upgraded on the 19th to aggravated child abuse; she was rearrested after posting bond on her initial charges.  The couple remains in Sevier County Jail 

The lil’ guy has been released from the burn unit and placed in foster care by DCFS.

We get letters: Bikers Against Child Abuse

We received the following e-mail the other day…

We are a body of bikers who stand ready to shield these little ones from further abuse. We are trying to get out there and make sure the children know we exist. If they know they have friends like us, maybe they won’t be afraid to come forward and we wouldn’t be losing ones like Anna Celeste Lowe.

Can you let your readers know? All they have to do is go to the BACA website and look for the chapter nearest them.

We do everything we can to empower kids to not be afraid of the world in which they live. No child should live in fear from an abuser.

Thank you.
~Sketch River Cities BACA
Shreveport/ Bossier Louisiana

Thank you Sketch. It’s organizations like yours that are doing the real work in helping to prevent child abuse. I have not only posted your e-mail letting the readers know of your organization but I have also placed a permanent link in the links section of the site.

If you know of an organization or website that (P)BB should be linking to please let us know.

Ga. man blackmailed underage MySpace girls for explicit photos

Joseph Reese

Joseph Reese

31-year-old Joseph Reese of Columbus, Georgia has pleaded guilty to charges against him that he blackmailed underage girls on MySpace to send him explicit photos.

Reese would pose as a modeling agent on MySpace then when underage girls would contact him he would start asking for semi-nude photos. Then after they sent him the photos he would use them as blackmail to get more explicit photos. He also made good on his word once by posting the photos of one girl that he received to MySpace.

He’s looking at 5-20 behind bars under the terms of his plea and will be a registered sex offender.

His lawyer is still making excuses for his client…

Hagler says Reese “operates at a level far below that of a normal adult man” and has been diagnosed with social anxiety. He says since his arrest, Reese has lost his job, is in the middle of a divorce, will lose custody of his children and will be branded for the rest of his life.

Awww. Sucks to be him.

I seriously doubt the claim that he operates below the level of a normal man since he had the mental capacity to impersonate someone on MySpace who could prey on gullible children.

Again parents, I recommend that you show this post to your kids to let them know that real modeling agencies don’t use MySpace or Facebook and don’t deal directly with underage kids.

Sex offender sues MySpace


34-year-old Cory Hubbard is a convicted sex offender. He was convicted back in 2008 for using MySpace to lure a 13-year-old girl to a motel.

He’s suing MySpace because he says they violated his privacy because the court order used to gain his information was from Georgia but should have held no weight in California where MySpace is based. MySpace voluntarily gave police Hubbard’s information.

If you think that’s ludicrous check out what his lawyer had to say…

“Big Brother needs to jump through certain hoops,” said Joshua Millican, the lawyer who is behind the Hubbard litigation. “Otherwise we have no protection.”

So basically what he’s saying is that the privacy rights for child molesters outweigh the safety and security of their possible victims.

Good luck with that and let me know how that turns out. No judge in the country wants to be the judge that ruled in favor of pedophiles.