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Police: 2 Men Face Sex Charges After Meeting Teen Online:

In Flowood, Mississippi police have arrested two men believed to have had sex with a 15-year-old that they met on craigslist.

25-year-old William Crisler and 25-year-old Justin White have been both been charged with statutory rape of the teen boy. Crisler was found in a car with the boy in a library parking lot.

The boy had placed an ad on craigslist looking for sex which begs two questions. The first is where the hell were this kid’s parents in allowing their kid to post sex ads on craigslist. Secondly where was the much vaunted craigslist community policing to flag this ad. Even if the kid didn’t post his age on the ad, which still probably wouldn’t have gotten the ad flagged, I’m sure there was probably some code words use to indicate that he was underage.

When will craigslist learn that you can’t let the inmates run the asylum?

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