370 lb. sex offender rapes 12-year-old girl repeatedly

William Richard Nielsen

William Richard Nielsen

I didn’t post this story right away and I wish I did. I sat on it because the story came to me with the innocuous headline of  “Sex offender accused of luring 12-year-old Wyoming girl to Missoula”.

When I read a headline like that I thought that it was just a creeper who got caught trying to lure a girl to his home over MySpace but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I do have to warn you, some of the details are disturbing and for me to say that it means something.

24-year-old William Richard Nielsen of Missoula, Montana is a convicted sex offender. I was unable to find out what his original offense but it also involved a 12-year-old girl. He doesn’t look like it in this mugshot but Nielsen is 6’4″ (1.9m) and 370  pounds (168.2kg). In this particular mugshot according to the Montana Dept. of Corrections he was a slim 290 lbs (131.8kg) at the time.

Nielsen is accused of meeting a 12-year-old girl from Sheridan, Wyoming on MySpace and luring her to his home in Montana. He allegedly instructed the girl on how to hop on a Greyhound Bus to make the almost 500 mile (805km) trip to his home. As an aside this is not the first time I’ve read about a child molester using Greyhound to have their victims delivered to them.

Once the girl got to Nielsen’s home he got the girl high and wasted on weed and alcohol and repeatedly raped her. According to reports Nielsen repeatedly slapped the girl and made her call him ‘daddy’.

When the girl tried to leave Nielsen supposedly told the girl that she wouldn’t be able to leave until she was 18.

The girl’s parents were able to track down their daughter by posing as a friend of the girl and telling Nielsen that they had drugs for him.

When the girl’s father got there he allegedly found his 12-year-old daughter naked on a bed. I guess I don’t need to tell you if that was my daughter there would have been a slight delay in between the time I got there and the time I called police and by slight delay I mean however long it would take me to beat the living hell of that fatass pedophile.

If you think you’re 12-year-old daughter is mature enough to have a MySpace account, or any other social network, you’re wrong. If you think you can trust your children enough to be on the internet unsupervised you’re wrong again.

I know I’ve said this a lot before but it still stands as true. If you leave your kids unsupervised on the internet it’s just like allowing pedophile scum like Nielsen into your home.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this story.

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