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Zaiye Bharruwah Dehkee, Jr.

Zaiye Bharruwah Dehkee, Jr.

Anoka man arrested for promoting prostitution of a juvenile:

Police in Anoka County, Minnesota arrested 20-year-old Zaiye Bharruwah Dehkee, Jr. on child prostitution charges. Dehkee is accused of prostituting an underage girl on the Village Voice Media-owned

Dehkee is said to have met the girl in Spring of 2010 when the girl was 16 and advertised her on Backpage as an exotic dancer which of course is just a front for prostitution.

This shows just how much of a joke the ‘legitimate businesses’ on the adult section of Backpage are. They’re nothing more than fronts for prostitution and human trafficking. Yet Village Voice Media keeps wrapping themselves in the first amendment. I guess they think that their right to make money from these ads is more important than the right to freedom of the people being trafficked on their sites.

5 thoughts on “Backpage child pimp arrested in Anoka County, MN

  1. DodiaFae says:

    Assnugget needs to have the book thrown at his head and never get out.

    Now I’ve got that out of the way…
    What. Is up with that hair?


  2. I’m more intrigued by the name since he’s a Jr. Someone thought it would be a good idea to name him after an already horrible name.


    1. DodiaFae says:

      It’s late, I missed the “jr”. Wow.


    2. King Dehkee says:

      Your a racist dick


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