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 Husband kills wife, 2 sons and himself

 Mother and 2 sons found dead in home, father kills himself

With the economy the way it is and everyone struggling financially to keep their heads above water, we can understand the stress and even the dark thoughts to end it all, what we can’t understand is the father that decides not only to end his life, but the lives of his wife and two sons first.  That is the case in this story coming to us from my home state, Michigan.  Let’s get to it shall we.

On January 13th Police in Novi, MI, received a call from a family friend after Camden Schons (4) and Tynan Schons (6) did not show up for school and their mother Jennifer Schons (38) missed a scheduled appointment.  Officers went to their home around noon for a welfare check; inside they found their bodies.  Jennifer was in her room and had died of multiple stab wounds.  The boys were found in another room both had been choked to death.  The father Mark Schons (39) was not in the house, so an alert was issued for his vehicle.  Two hours later he was found in a Lowe’s (Wal-Mart in some articles) parking lot, he had died of an apparent suicide.  He had lit a charcoal grill in the passenger seat of his SUV and died from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Now I can understand him wanting to end his life and even doing so in the easiest way possible, but this cowardly man stabbed his wife and choked his two sons to death, then he takes his ass out by carbon monoxide, essentially putting himself to sleep permanently.  Where was that mercy when he was taking the lives of his family?  Here’s an even better idea if you really want to end it all, do it, but leave your wife and kids out of it!

The motive is unknown, as suicide note has been found.  According to family the Schons owned a now-defunct party-supply store, were deep in debt, had filed for bankruptcy in December and were considering divorce, although they continued to live in the same residence.

The police are looking into the 19-20 hours prior to the murders/suicide to see what may have triggered Mark to make his fateful decision.  Novi Police Chief Molloy said, “We may never know what triggered this event, but we will know everything about these people and what led to this.” 

The autopsy results:

Jennifer Schons, 38-year-old, female, homicide, multiple sharp force injuries (a knife was found with Mark in the SUV)

Tynan Schons, 6-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Camden Schons, 4-year-old, male, homicide, asphyxiation due to compression

Mark Schons, 39-year-old, male, suicide, carbon monoxide poisoning

Tynan and Camden Schons

So sad… R.I.P. Jennifer, Tynan and Camden.

4 thoughts on “Michigan man kills wife and sons, then goes to sleep… PERMANENTLY

  1. Can't believe it says:

    This story breaks my heart. I live about 15 minutes from there and everytime I hear about it on the news, I just want to slap Mark. 😦 What kind of ass-hat deprives his entire family from the rest of their lives? I didn’t know them personally, but I just want to know why he would do such a terrible thing. If he felt like his life needed to end, he should have just killed himself. His wife and sons could have gone on to live such a happy life. I wonder if he killed her first – leaving the kids to try and fend for themselves. I also wonder if Mark was physical with Jennifer before this (as in abusive). Did she have any idea? I would assume not since she stayed in the house with him. Not that it would have changed anything anyways. He seemed determined. He probably would have killed them all no matter what. RIP Jennifer, Camden and Tynan. I hope your surviving family can find some peace and carry on.

    BTW, the parking lot where he was found is both the Lowe’s and Wal-Mart parking lot. The two stores are right next to each other. That’s why there are conflicting reports.


    1. Deena says:

      I know CBI… I too live in Michigan and I was so upset when I heard it. I don’t live to far away I am right near the airport. I wanted to write it because it was from Michigan and thought I could understand better the circumstances of our lovely state. But I cannot and will not ever understand a man, choking the life out his children, his sons, his own flesh and blood, the two children that were to carry on his name.

      From everything I have read, it doesn’t appear that anyone thought this could happen. No outward signs, there was anything of this magnitude in the works.

      It is very sad.

      Thanks for clearing up the conflicting stores thing.


  2. dee says:

    What a selfish, SOB. Rest in peace poor boys and mom.


  3. Anonymous says:

    What a complete and total scumbag. Killed himself so as not to go to prison, not b/c he was sad/ashamed of what he had done. Fucking asshole!


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