WI school administrator charged with craigslist child solicitation

Christopher Nelson

Christopher Nelson

New Holstein administrator charged in child sex crime case:

Police in Milwaukee arrested New Holstein School District Administrator Christopher Nelson, 58, for allegedly soliciting sex from a 15-year-old boy on craigslist. Nelson is said to have posted a men seeking men ad on craigslist. The ad supposedly said that Nelson was looking to hook up with him and his “boy…a hot Japanese 24 (years old).”

Since you’re reading this here it’s safe to assume that the 15-year-old was actually the Milwaukee police.

Nelson is said to have exchanged e-mails with the ’15-year-old’ about sexual details of a party that Nelson attended and that when they met at the hotel Nelson wanted the boy to wear ‘school clothes’.

At the time of Nelson’s arrest the Milwaukee hotel room had condoms and sex toys inside.

The school district has said though that there is no evidence that Nelson had any inappropriate contact with any of their students. However public schools being what they are Nelson has been placed on paid leave.

Again this just shows not only the failures of an unmoderated website like craigslist but also the type of predators that use it to find victims.

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