Sister of LI Serial killer victim receiving taunting calls

Melissa Barthelemy

Melissa Barthelemy

Phone of slain craigslist hooker used in Times Square, MSG to taunt victim’s sister, sources say:

Sources from New York law enforcement are saying that the sister of Melissa Barthelemy has received taunting phone calls from her sister’s cell phone. Barthelemy is one of the four victims killed by what police believe is a serial killer that used craigslist to find his victims.

Barthelemy’s sister had received taunting calls that said things like “Do you know what your sister is doing? She’s a whore.”

The calls were traced to the areas of Times Square and Madison Square Garden but police don’t know if the calls were made by the killer himself.

The calls were received in July of 2009 right after Barthelemy’s disappearance.

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