Michael Carneal murderabilia for sale

Michael Carneal

Michael Carneal

It seems that the gunman from the 1997 Heath High School shooting in Paducah Kentucky has his own market for murderabilia.

Michael Carneal killed 2 and injured five at Heath High. As far as I’m concerned he is the one that started the chain reaction of school shootings in this country in the late 1990s. First it was Paducah then Jonesboro then Kip Kinkel then Columbine. So if you ever wanted to know how this all got started it’s the face behind the coke bottle glasses over there. Carneal is currently serving a life sentence.

Carneal isn’t the one making money off of himself however there are several websites out there that are selling items that belonged to Carneal such as letters and drawings.

Murderabilia is nothing new, it’s been around for decades however with the proliferation of the internet it has become easier for people who deal and collect this trash to do business.

Now I’m not going to say that these websites should be against the law. That would be a slippery slope that could end up with things like true crime novels being banned. What I want to talk about is the human trash that buys this crap.

Now I know that you’re going to say that it’s a piece of history and that you’re not actually a fan of killers like Carneal. That’s really a load of crap and you know it. Unless you’re an anthropologist, or sociologist or criminologist or something along similar lines you’re just a murder groupie. You are defective mentally and a drain on society. Get help.

New indictments for Elisa Baker

21 indcitments! Ah-ah-ah-ah.

21 indcitments! Ah-ah-ah-ah.

Elisa Baker hit with new indictments, bringing total charges to 21:

Elisa Baker, wicked stepmother and accused killer of Zahra Baker, has been indicted yet again bringing the number of charges to her to 21.

The most recent indictments were for two counts each of financial identity fraud and obtaining property by false pretenses. She’s accused of obtaining power through the local power company and phone service under false pretenses.

As someone who has had problems getting phone and power using my real information because of a blemished past I can’t imagine how she was able to pull the wool over both the power and phone companies.

Again this lends credence to my theory about Sheen-Cow being a grifter. Anyone who is that skilled at falsifying information like that is a grade-A con artist. I still think that Zahra’s death and dismemberment had something to do with some kind of rip off scheme. Who the intended rip off victim was I’m not sure just yet.

Big names to appear on Dio tribute album


Word has it that a tribute album to the late metal god Ronnie James Dio will contain some big names.

How big you may ask? How’s this for big? Rob Halford, Dave Grohl, Glenn Hughes, Alice Cooper, Chris Jericho and Lemmy.

Does it really get any bigger than that? A tribute worthy of the true godfather of metal.

All hail his name. m/

craigslist is to Oakland…


Something has been bothering me ever since craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster said that craigslist is safer than the city of Oakland, California.

Now I’ll admit I can be slow on the uptake sometimes, and this is one of those times, so bear with me.

It hit me that comparing craigslist to Oakland is like comparing the proverbial apples and oranges since craigslist isn’t a city. Even a city as crime infested as Oakland has a police department that does its best to control crime. In a city as bad as Oakland it has citizens that still report crime.

Craigslist on the other hand does not have its own police force. It does not monitor its ads and does nothing to discourage criminals from committing crimes on its website. Also on the other hand craigslist’s ‘citizens’ do not report crime, ie community policing. Instead the ads that are usually flagged on craigslist are flagged by people who are engaged in illegal activity in craigslist.

So in reality the crimes that were listed by the AIM Group study are only those that were officially reported to law enforcement then the media.

God only knows how many actual crimes have been committed using craigslist as a proxy.

Instead of the cesspool of crime that craigslist is being called it may be more like an entire sewer system of crime.

AIM Group: Backpage makes more money from prostitution


Backpage continues to gain from prostitution advertising:

While the focus right now is on craigslist being labeled as a cesspool of crime let’s not forget about the other cesspool, the Village Voice Media owned backpage.com.

The AIM Group, a consulting group that monitors the business of online classifieds among other things, is saying in their latest report that while the ads for prostitution are down on backpage their profits from these ads are up due to the price increase for those type of ads. So basically Village Voice Media is charging the pimps and traffickers more to use their site since they know they won’t complain.

I wonder why that none of the Village Voice newspapers ever investigate their parent company over the human trafficking ads and the money they make from it. Didn’t the Village Voice used to be all about ethics?

As the Million Dollar Man once said everybody has a price.

Guy who looks like a child molester sentenced for soliciting a child

Jason Sands

Jason Sands

33-year-old Jason Sands (he’s 33?) of St. Ignatius, Montana has been sentenced to 10 years in state prison for soliciting a 14 or 15-year-old girl over MySpace.

Sands showed up to the meeting with the girl with a happy meal condoms. Is that known as the molester’s special? He told the girl to meet him at a middle school and not to wear underwear. Of course the girl turned out to be a police detective from nearby Missoula.

Former Notre Dame student to be sentenced for MySpace molestation


22-year-old Ackley John of Uniondale, New York is a former student of the much-lauded University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. I say former because last April he was arrested for having sex, or as I call it child raping, with a 12-year-old girl that he met on MySpace.

Ackley told police that he thought the girl was 15 but that she told him that she was 14. Like that makes it any better since the age of consent in Indiana is 16. Not even close their Romeo.

Under Indiana law anyone that has sexual contact with someone under 14 is automatically charged with child molestation.

John pleaded guilty back in November and is set to be sentenced next month. He’s looking at 6 to 20.

Seriously dude, you couldn’t get laid at Notre Dame and had to troll MySpace for a 12-year-old girl? Pathetic.

NC catches another dumbfish in its net

Cedric Lamar Crumpton

Cedric Lamar Crumpton

It seems that North Carolina sex offenders are still too stupid to stay off of social networking sites even when it’s against the law.

I’ve resorted to calling them dumbfish because they’re too stupid to stay out of the net cast by North Carolina lawmakers.

Today’s dumbfish is 25-year-old Cedric Lamar Crumpton of Graham, North Carolina. Crumpton was on the sex offender registry for three 2007 charges of taking indecent liberties with a child. Now Crumpton was arrested for maintaining profiles on both MySpace and Facebook.

Crumpton was arrested coming out of the Graham public library where police say he was using their computers to use his accounts. On Facebook he was allegedly using the name of Cedric Crumpton while on MySpace he was calling himself  “Crumpt Da Google.” He now may want to change that to “Crumpt Da Inmate.”

Look, I like Facebook. It’s a great promotional tool and a great way to stay in touch with family and friends but if I was on a list that said if you use Facebook you’ll be arrested I would most definitely stop using it.

Elisa Baker spared the death penalty

They shoot Sheen-Cows don't they?

They shoot Sheen-Cows don’t they?

Elisa Baker’s former attorney defends taking death penalty off the table:

It seems that the Sheen-Cow, Elisa Baker, will not be ‘put out to pasture’ for the brutal death and dismemberment of her step-daughter, Zahra Baker.

According to Baker’s former attorney it seems a deal was struck to take the death penalty off the table in order for Baker to let investigator’s know where Zahra’s remains were.

As much as I would like to see Baker get the needle I can’t say I disagree with this deal since it allowed Zahra’s remains to be found. I’d rather see partial justice than no justice at all.

AZ pair caught screwing the pooch on craigslist

Keith Kiefer and Patrick Trejo

Keith Kiefer and Patrick Trejo

Craigslist’s Secret World of Bestiality: 2 Arrested:

Phoenix teacher, Mesa man arrested in Craigslist bestiality case:

We’ll get back to more corporate news later. In the meantime let’s get down and dirty with some good old-fashioned crime news and I do mean dirty.

In Maricopa County, Arizona, home to the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio, deputies there have arrested two men who were allegedly using craigslist to have sex with dogs. Arrested were 25-year-old Patrick Stephen Trejo and 47-year-old Keith D. Kiefer. Trejo is said to be a middle school music teacher.

Maricopa deputies were made aware of the many bestiality ads on craigslist and decided to set up a sting operation. In one of the arrests detectives say that Kiefer had an ad on craigslist that said “Beasty Boy Looking for Dog Knot.” If you don’t know what that means consider yourself lucky, I unfortunately do know. Kiefer allegedly asked for a picture of the dog’s junk and was said to have approved.

Trejo’s ad was said to say “Really wanna get knotted and bred like a [expletive]. Hit me back if you have a pup to play with!” Trejo was said to have specifically requested a male dog.

Both were arrested in separate stings after Maricopa detectives responded to their ads.

If this world of bestiality on craigslist is a shock to you it shouldn’t be.

Thanks to my Facebook friend Courtney we told you about the K9 world on craigslist months ago.

So it’s not only women and children that have become the victims of sexual predators on the unmoderated casual encounters section it’s also animals. Also I don’t know which is more disturbing, people who want to have sex with dogs, the dog owners who arrange it, or the CEO of craigslist who allows it.

It also makes me wonder if we’ll get bestiality defenders like we do with prostitution and pedophilia. Ours is an interesting world at least.

Maybe PETA will get involved and finally do something useful.

Again this is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum and don’t moderate the ads.

Thanks to Sue for the tip.