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Michael Jacques

Michael Jacques

The defense team for accused child rapist and killer, Michael Jacques, are trying to get his federal trial moved out of Vermont because of a poll that supposedly says that most Vermonters know what Michael Jacques did.

For those of you who may not know Jacques is accused of kidnapping, raping and killing his 12-year-old niece Brooke Bennett. He’s being tried on federal charges because he used MySpace and the internet to not only commit the crime but also to try to cover it up.

Since he’s being tried by the feds that means he’s eligible for the death penalty even though Vermont does not have it. His lawyers are anti-death penalty advocates who are trying everything within their means to get their client spared the death penalty no matter what ridiculous ideas they keep coming up with. As usual, these defense attorneys in extreme cases like this keep trying what I call spaghetti defenses. They keep throwing everything against the wall to see if anything will stick.

The only thing that should be sticking to Jacques is the tape they’ll use to attach the IV to Jacques’ arm.

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