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21-year-old Anthony Francis Paleveda of Dallas, Georgia was 19 when he picked up a 12-year-old girl from her middle school molested her at his house then dropped her off at home in 2009.

Paleveda met the girl on the goth themed social site VampireFreaks.

This week he was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for molesting the girl.

First off he had to know the girl’s relative age since he picked her up at a freakin’ middle school. Secondly, a 12-year-old girl should be nowhere near VampireFreaks let alone any other social networking site.

Let me be clear. I am not saying that VF is responsible for what happened to this girl however there is probably more sexual activity going on between users of VF then any other social site. That’s just my opinion but it sure does seem like that.

Parents, VampireFreaks is not a website for your tween daughter who is into Twilight.

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