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Alexander D. Lyons

Alexander D. Lyons

Two charged with murder in Hazel Park Craigslist killing:

For the umpteenth time we have another ‘craigslist killer’ and for the second time that I know of it has happened in the Detroit area.

19-year-old Jonathan Clements of Hazel Park, Michigan was shot and killed after posting a craigslist ad that said he wanted to purchase a new Android phone.

Clements was contacted by someone who he thought was a seller and arranged for them to come to his home but instead of purchasing the phone he was shot and killed and the suspects allegedly also took the $95 that Clements was going to use to purchase the phone.

Police have arrested 23-year-old Alexander D. Lyons of Detroit for being the alleged trigger man while his cohort, 19-year-old Lamar DeAngelo Clemons, was charged with being the getaway driver.

I can’t stress this enough that if you’re going to transact any business using a classifieds site never meet at yours or their place of residence. The best place to meet to make the transaction is in front of your local police station. If they don’t want to do business there than you’re better off not doing business at all.

Also, I think this shows just how much craigslist attracts the criminal element.

One thought on “Michigan teen killed in craigslist swindle

  1. Gruntmarine07 says:

    that was my brother who was shot. is there any way to try and shut craigslist down?


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