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21 indcitments! Ah-ah-ah-ah.

21 indictments! Ah-ah-ah-ah.

Elisa Baker hit with new indictments, bringing total charges to 21:

Elisa Baker, wicked stepmother and accused killer of Zahra Baker, has been indicted yet again bringing the number of charges to her to 21.

The most recent indictments were for two counts each of financial identity fraud and obtaining property by false pretenses. She’s accused of obtaining power through the local power company and phone service under false pretenses.

As someone who has had problems getting phone and power using my real information because of a blemished past, I can’t imagine how she was able to pull the wool over both the power and phone companies.

Again this lends credence to my theory about Sheen-Cow being a grifter. Anyone who is that skilled at falsifying information like that is a grade-A con artist. I still think that Zahra’s death and dismemberment had something to do with some kind of rip off scheme. Who the intended rip off victim was I’m not sure just yet.

One thought on “New indictments for Elisa Baker

  1. Clevo says:

    I so totally hate this bitch!
    I’m sure anything she’s said is another con and wish her only the worst that her miserable life will get her.


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