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Edward Perkins

Edward Perkins

Text messages lead to prostitution bust:

Prostitution arrest made at Linthicum hotel:

Police in Linthicum, Maryland arrested 26-year-old Edward Perkins of Jersey City, New Jersey on charges of human trafficking. Police say that Perkins was using the Village Voice Media-owned Backpage in order to prostitute women.

Police were tipped off to Perkins when a 19-year-old woman working for him texted her mother that she wanted come home. Perkins was allegedly not allowing her to leave.

The girl originally went with Perkins willingly. I’m sure the word willingly is used incredibly loosely here.

26 year-old Edward Perkins told her he operated an escort business and that she could make “mad” money. She also explained how he supplied her with alcohol and drugs.

The victims of human trafficking never go willingly. There is always either some kind of threat or some kind of false promise made in order to get them to work for the pimps and the traffickers.

By the way, Backpage, what happened to those steps that you were supposedly taking to prevent human trafficking?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

One thought on “Backpage human trafficking bust in Maryland

  1. Deepersis_09 says:

    thats good for his ass always was doing grimmy shit god dont like ugly


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