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5 arrested in Broome prostitution sting:

5 people have been arrested in a prostitution sting in Broome County, New York. Those that were arrested were said to have advertised their services on the Village Voice Media-owned

The one suspect that I want to focus on is 18-year-old Jessica A. Bennett. She has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child for bringing a 15-year-old girl along with her who was allegedly working for Bennett. The child endangerment is only a misdemeanor charge. Why the hell hasn’t she been charged with promoting child prostitution?

Not to mention the fact that where is VVM and Backpage who are supposedly making changes to their site to try to limit child prostitution and human trafficking on their site? Oh, that’s right. The only thing they are doing is raising the rates of their adult ads so they can make even more money off of trafficked children and women.

2 thoughts on “15-year-old girl found working for Backpage prostitute

  1. Lasterglobal says:

    According to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act anyone who is involved prostituting a minor faces 20 years– this is a federal law- and it applies to all parties involve—


  2. truthfulchat says:

    You really hit the nail with the hammer. She should have been charged with promoting child prostitution maybe she got some sort of deal…


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