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Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Again, don’t let the babyface fool you. 15-year-old Christian Helms was only inches away from being a stone cold killer.

Back in September he allegedly brought a revolver to Socastee High School and in a struggle fired the gun at school resource officer Erik Karney.

Of course the usual excuse of that he was supposedly bullied, boo-hoo,

Anyway this past Monday there was a hearing to determine if Helms will be tried as an adult. It was revealed during this hearing, at least for me, that Helms is in fact a mutant.

Helms said he got the idea from the school shootings at Columbine (Colo.) High School in 1999 that left 12 students and one teacher dead.

Karney testified that Helms pointed the  gut between his head and his chest and still can’t believe that he wasn’t struck. Luckily Karney was able to subdue helms after the gun went off. Helms was also said to be in possession of pipe bombs as well.

I’m sorry but if you bring a gun to school and you fire it at someone I don’t care how old you are your ass should be tried as an adult no questions asked.

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