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Christian Helms

Christian Helms

More details from the hearing to determine if Socastee shooter Christian Helms will be tried as an adult or not.

First, let’s hear from a video that Helms made describing what he planned on doing…

“It’s a strange thing to know you’re going to die,”

“Try not to remember me as anything negative . . . I’ve acknowledged the fact I’m a psychopath. . . . This is what you got – a high schoolshooter – deal with it.”

And let’s hear more bullying sob stories…

Helms’ parents and attorney, Russell Long, said the teen reacted to years of being bullied by older, stronger classmates.

“I’ve been picked on all my life and it just builds up over the years,” the teen said in an audio recording when he was interviewed by Horry County police detectives about two hours after the incident.

More on how that’s a load of crap later but speaking of Helms’ parents where do you think Helms got the gun he used?

He said he stole a gun from his dad’s truck early that morning and had been up all night making the pipe bombs.

That gun was the .38 he used to point at school resource officer Erik Karney which ended up going off in the ensuing scuffle. In South Carolina, you can keep a gun in your car if the gun is secured. This doesn’t sound like it was all that secure to me. I wonder why dear old dad isn’t being looked at. I may be digressing but between leaving the gun unsecured and not knowing that their son was making pipe bombs it’s pretty evident that as usual the parents of a shooter we’re again not paying attention.

And it seems that of course, Helms was a mutant…

The teen told police he wanted to be remembered and had studied school shootings including Columbine and the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.

Apparently, these kids do some lousy research on these shootings or else they would know that neither Cho Seung Hui nor the Columbine cowards were not bullied.

And speaking of bullying, like I said, that may be a load of crap

One boy testified the teen was often teased while riding the bus, with others kids calling him “midget man” and “leprechaun” because of his small stature and red hair. But the same boy also testified that he never saw the teen being physically attacked.

Other students testified that the teen had many friends and was cheered on by other kids for his breakdancing ability at a school dance.

That’s what’s considered bullying these days? No, we’re raising a generation of marshmallows. Get back to me after you’ve been concussed and had your shoulder separated and various other injuries. That’s how I was bullied and yet I never went and got a gun.

It also seems to me that Helms is trying to ‘turn to Christ’ in order to not take responsibility for his action…

Granchelli read several parts of a journal she said Helms kept while in his holding cell.

“I’m not a violent person,” she read, “I was bad at one time…I’ve turned myself to God.”

Just like so many criminals trying to get paroled or off of death row.

Helms’ defense attorney had this to say about his client…

” Christian decided not to pull the trigger; It was serious but not as serious as planned. Personal injury did not result from this crime…This is a child…there is nothing adult like about him.”

Except for the parts where he knowingly stole a gun, built several bombs and pointed a gun at a police officer. If he had pulled the trigger before Officer Karney was able to tackle him we’d be talking about a 14-year-old cop killer right now.

And let’s get some more evidence of his mutantcy…

Gail Ward, Helms’s former teacher at Forestbrook Middle School, testified that he wrote a research paper about the April 20, 1999 massacre at Columbine High School in Colorado. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 13 of their classmates before committing suicide.

”All Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold wanted was for people to remember them for their actions,” Ward read from a copy of the paper, “It’s too bad that people will only remember them for the horrible things they did and nothing good.”

Yeah, because they did such great humanitarian work, right. At that point, I would have called an emergency parent-teacher meeting but I could see the parents just blowing this off.

It also seems that Helms was apparently proud of what he accomplished while he was in juvie lockup…

Staff members also confiscated news clippings of the incident because Helms was showing them to other juveniles and staff members, Granchelli said. Helms also asked to view online comments at news sites about the case, but staffers declined to allow him to see them.

How’s that for remorse?

A decision should be rendered on Friday whether or not Helms will be tried as an adult.

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