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Arpaio sends letter to Craigslist CEO:

Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe Arpaio, one of my three favorite sheriffs, has sent a letter to craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster admonishing craigslist about the criminal activity on the casual encounters section. If you’ll recall recently Maricopa County Sheriffs picked up two guys from craigslist who wanted to engage in sex with dogs.

A copy of the letter is below.

For those of you that may be PDF impaired please allow me to post the entirety of the letter…

Dear Mr. Buckmaster:

Maricopa County Sheriff’ s Office detectives conducted an undercover investigation that spanned several months during 2010 and 2011. This investigation resulted in the arrest of two individuals for conspiracy to commit bestiality. There is an ongoing investigation of several others. Craigslist provided the forum for these individuals to post, in a very blatant manner, their intentions. We were able to locate and communicate with these suspects using Craigslisr.
During the course of the investigation numerous other posts were discovered in the Personals sections of “men seeking men” and “casual encounters”. These posts included specific description of criminal acts, They were often accompanied by graphic photographs depicting a fully nude male in various pornographic situations.

It is clear that the “self-policing” protocol Craigslist relies upon to prevent this activity is inadequate. While Craigslist may not be committing a criminal act, you are undoubtedly providing a mechanism to facilitate obvious criminal activity. Simply posting your “Terms of Use”, providing a mechanism for posters to do YOUR job. and claiming that Craigslist is “not responsible for the content” is thoroughly disappointing.

As the Sheriff of one of the largest law enforcement agencies inthe nation, I am responsible for the conduct of my entire organization. In this regard, I strongly encourage Craigslist and you, specifically, Buckmaster, to accept greater responsibility for your organization.

I ask that you re­evaluate the security measures that you utilize to prevent this type of activity and take the necessary action to improve your procedures.

My dad had a saying for men like Sheriff Arpaio, once he gets on something like this he’s a bulldog with a piece of meat in its mouth. Plus that bulldog may bite Jim Buckmaster in the ass.

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