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Court documents reveal child abuse

Toddlers Death Investigation Reveals Abuse

Police investigating toddlers death as a homicide

23-month-old Janie Buelna’s life came to an end on Friday March 11th.  Her custodial grandmother Juanita Rodriguez (43) found her unresponsive and not breathing ad called 911….. 45 freakin minutes LATER! Little Janie was pronounced dead at the hospital.  WTF!  There’s more to the story though, you didn’t think that was it did you??

According to the court documents Janie had endured weeks of abuse at the hand of her grandmother, including but not limited to punching, slapping and kicking.  Seriously… as I write this, my blood is boiling, obviously this cow was given custody of Janie for a reason.  I shutter to think what her life was before if granny was an improvement.  I want to put my bare hands around her throat and choke the live out of her. 

When firefighter and paramedics examined Janie they found a split lip, broken teeth, a large bump on her head and severe burns on both legs.  WTF!  Juanita (I’m an abusive tw*t) Rodriguez and her two roommates Christopher Lopez and Humelio Vasquez all admitted to abusing the little girl and have been arrested and charged with abuse, additional charges are pending.

Chris Lopez admitted to burning Janie, when he gave her a bath in scalding water, while high on meth.  He also told police that Abusive Twat  didn’t take Janie to the hospital for fear of CPS getting involved and losing Chris’s rent money.  Are you fucking kidding me you stupid bitch?  Twat and penis Vasquez admitted that Janie was in EXCRUIATING pain, to the point that she would beat her head against the wall and grind her teeth.  I am so disgusted that ANYONE, sit and watch that.  I am in tears just trying to get through this.  That poor baby at two years old she couldn’t even verbalize the amount of pain she was in and my heartbreaks just thinking about that.

Neighbors are now reporting that they heard sounds of abuse coming from the apartment, oh really… and what did they do you ask, not a fucking thing!  Charge those motherfuckers too.

The exact cause of Janie’s death has not been determined.

Her 3-year-old brother has been removed from the home, he was found bruised and with a black eye.

Mother Fuck!

23 thoughts on “Which form of abuse ended Janie’s life?

  1. marcu says:

    This is horrible, what a bunch on scumbags, how can they see a child suffering to the point they are bagging their heads and grinding teeth from pain and do nothing, I would submerge the 3 of them in scalding water and see how they like it, I bet there will be sex abuse charges coming soon


    1. Chick7 says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking (sex abuse charges). Fucking fucktards.


  2. EveryVillainIsLemons says:

    Who could let a baby suffer through that? Screw the rent–I’d be taking an arc welder to that shitstain after taking my grandbaby to the ER and getting her admitted.


  3. Die Stahlhyäne says:

    Stories like this make me want to fly into a frothing, towering RAGE. I’d like to do the ‘frog in boiling water’ experiment to all three of these AND the lame-ass twunt of a granny… put them in cold water and then slowly heat it until they boil alive!


  4. Kamaree says:

    Not only were the burns causing her severe pain, but broken teeth! Tooth pain is one of the worst pains, I have personally felt! I have a somewhat high tolerance for pain and it made me want to cry.

    When I read that she banged her head and gritted her teeth because she was in so much pain, it reminded me of when I had a toothache. I felt like doing the same damn thing, it hurt THAT bad..

    That poor baby. =(


  5. Anonymous says:

    After reading stories like this I always just scroll up and stare at these evil motherfucker’s faces. There is nothing in this world that I would want more than to go back in time catch these assholes in the first act of abuse. I positively hate the granny the most, but I think I’d torture Vasquez the longest. He looks kinda fiesty. Rip Janie…I’m so sorry.


  6. Alicia says:

    She claims she did not take her granddaughter to the hospital for the burns because she did not want to lose the rent money, I think it is because the little girl had other signs of abuse as did the little boy. She was trying to cover her own ass. I truly hope that the prison justice system performs some slow and painful punishments on all 3 of those douchebags. Is anyone else suspicious that granny might be on meth too? Also why would CPS put those two babies in a setting with grandma and her two male roommates? I would hate to find out about why those children were living with grandma in the first place, because if it was worse (and how could it be Janie’s is gone) how bad was it?


    1. Anonymous says:

      I found another link that says grandmonster was out visiting her son in prison…. guess that’s probably daddy…when the child was found unresponsive….the methhead called grandmonster and they waited until she got back before 911 was called but it was too late the little one had already died. GOD I hate these lowlifes!


    2. Tara says:

      She’s lost more than just the rent money now, hasn’t she. What a complete waste of space on this planet. Children are such a gift and we should feel privileged to be trusted with something so precious. This brings me to tears.


      1. Anonymous says:

        I bet she doesn’t see it quite your way! she knows she has lost more than rent money but I am certain that what she is thinking she has lost is her freedom and access to her dick. She isn’t thinking about what happened to that little angel at all.


        1. Tara says:

          You’re right. How could she stand idly by if she cared. She probably won’t mourn the loss of the child at all, just the loss, as you said of her freedom and d***.


  7. Cathyjblake says:

    There’s always some stupid asshole (or whole neighborhood of stupid assholes) who flock to the TV cameras for a little bit of press “Yeah, we saw the kids were being abused and we even heard the beatings!” They can chase down a news truck but they couldn’t pick up a phone to call for help before the kids are dead.
    If you fucking tards would take a minute and think about it, if you actually CALLED FOR HELP you could not only be on the news for 10 seconds but you could even be called a HERO!
    Stupid fucking jackasses.
    I hate that.


  8. Cathy J Blake says:

    hhmmm…wouldn’t let me sign in to comment before. Weird.


  9. Brennik says:

    Just take them out and kick their teeth out and scald them with hot water…oh wait they have a right to fair trial. Give me a break


  10. CynicalMe says:

    Bio~Bitch interview… She loves her kids but left them with her abusive mother…


  11. Die Stahlhyäne says:

    Okay, anyone that is allergic to the Almighty Eff-Word and all its strident sisters may want to avoid the following:

    Oh, now.. what the actual FUCK?!! This goddamn Mexitrash fucking SLORE knew her mother was abusive and she let her have her?! Better that she end up in a fucking foster home ! If I had a kid and had to give it up, the motherfucking NANOSECOND I thought anything bad was happening, I’d be over there with my .44 magnum. I’d TAKE the fucking prison time with a big, scary Bundyesque shiteater of a grin pasted across my face. The more I read about this case, the more I want someone to go take a ride to see these ass-maggots with a nail-studded baseball bat.

    Sorry I went splodeydope, but now I’m DAMN MAD. She KNEW her fucking ringmeat human liver-fluke of a mother was an abuser and left the kid with her anyway!


    1. Cathyjblake says:

      Yeah, that’s right up there with the mother of that poor kid whose father ate his eyes out of his head. The kid begged to go with his mom, said he was afraid of daddy, so what does this bitch do? She says to her friend “Let’s get out of here, he’s all fucked up (on drugs) and acting crazy”. I’m still pissed that that c*nt wasn’t charged.


  12. Amsfast says:

    I hope that all 3 of them c***s sit in hell for the rest of their days, wish mom who left her in grandma care could go to jail to. And not one person did a thing, aint this about a bitch. Anyone who was in that house or heard something and did nothing you should all go to jail you ignorant bitches. I hope you call rot


  13. Cathy J Blake says:

    Yeah, that’s right up there with the mother of that poor kid whose father ate his eyes out of his head. The kid begged his mom not to leave him there, said he was afraid of daddy, so what does this bitch do? She says to her friend “Let’s get out of here, he’s all fucked up (on drugs) and acting crazy”. I’m still pissed that that c*** wasn’t charged.


    1. Die Stahlhyäne says:

      WHAT?! Ate… WTFBBQ?! Is that story on here?


      1. DodiaFae says:

        Start from the bottom link (oldest) and work your way up. It’s horrific. And Cathy’s right, the mother should have been charged. Who the fuck leaves a small child in the care of someone who’s “all fucked up” on drugs? They should both be locked up (at best), as should the “friend” she was with who didn’t stop her leaving that little boy there and didn’t call the police.


    2. Die Stahlhyäne says:

      WHAT?! Ate… WTFBBQ?! Is that story on here?


  14. Clevo says:

    Huey Duey & Louie up here all need to be marched up a volcano & shoved in.
    Effing good for nothing perverts.


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