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The good news for citizens of Camden, New Jersey that aren’t criminals is that the city is hiring some of its police force back.

The bad news is they will only be around from April to June.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but don’t crime statistics spike in the summer due to more people being outdoors at later times? In a cesspool like Camden I can’t see how the crime numbers could possibly get any higher but they will.

While we’re at it let’s hear some more ramifications of what laying off half of their police force has done for the city.

The Camden layoffs had left about a dozen or so squad cars on the street during the day and night, fewer during a shift change. Before the layoffs, there were close to double that many, officers said. 

As of Tuesday, the number was down to as few as 10 patrol cars on the street during the day because officers were assigned to specialized units. Six cars handle patrol, and four go to hot spots and serve as backup, according to a senior officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. 

Officers are going longer distances to calls, and backup is harder to come by, said other officers, who likewise did not want to be identified.

If Camden doesn’t get its ass in gear before the temps start hitting the 80s there will be literal hell to pay. With little to no police and fire coverage I can see the city burning down any day now.

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