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Clayton man caught in FBI sex sting gets 10 years:

29-year-old Louis Edward Cooke, formerly of Clayton, Missouri, was sentenced to 10 years in the federal pen for soliciting sex from underage girls on the Village Voice Media-owned

Cooke responded to a Backpage ad that advertised “young and irresistible” sisters ages 13 and 15. Cooke said he would only take the younger girl if there was a discount involved. If that doesn’t make you want to vomit with rage you’re inhuman.

Well, you can actually save your vomit because when Cooke went to the house in Kirkwood, MO to see the girls he was instead greeted by the Kirkwood police and the FBI. That’s right kids. The girls, thankfully, didn’t actually exist.

But wait, there’s more. Not only did Cooke claim, even through his trial, that he was at the girl’s house to jump a car battery but after he was arrested he lived with his girlfriend. Seriously? Some woman took him in after he was arrested for trying to buy a girl off the internet? It takes all kinds I guess.

This brings up another point though. Much like craigslist, Backpage is obviously not doing jack shit to protect children on its website since the feds and police were able to post this ad without any kind of rejection from Backpage.

It seems the steps that Backpage is taking to clamp down on illegal activity are smaller than baby steps.

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