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Andrew Yates

Andrew Yates

Police Say Man Hoped For Sexual Encounter With 14-Year-Old:

Man accused of trying to meet 14-year-old girl for sex:

This is one of those stories that is so convoluted you would think that there is no way in hell that it could possibly be true. Plus it takes a few twists and turns so stay with me.

A man in Nicholasville, Kentucky placed a car part for sale on craigslist. That’s when police say he was contacted by 49-year-old Andrew Yates of Stanford, Kentucky. While texting back and forth about the car part the man says that Yates started making sexual comments. Because you know everyone who sells a car part on craigslist is obviously a woman. Allegedly Yates sent over 300 texts.

In order to get Yates to stop the man said that he was a 14-year-old girl. It seems that did not discourage Yates in the least and it probably encouraged him as police say he wanted to meet the ‘girl’ for sex. Insert your own Kentucky joke here. The man contacted police who took over the conversation and arrested Yates when he showed up in Nicholasville.

Suffice it to say Yates is said to have shown up to meeting with condoms that police say he purchased along the way.

It seems you can’t even try to sell something on craigslist without being approached by some kind of deviant. It shows what kind of clientele that craigslist attracts.

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