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Antioch infant taken off life support after beating by father

Father beats baby leaves him brain dead 

Baby dies after being taken off life support

Father arrested for death of infant

Antioch baby dies father charged for suspected fatal punch 

Be prepared for your blood pressure to go up, your anger to boil over and your mind to go to all of the cruel and unusual punishments a person can think of for the following piece of shit.  I can assure you, if this one doesn’t get you pissed, you are on the wrong site.

The dude above trying to look intimidating is Sigifredo Lau (23), of Antioch, Ca.  He may be hard and intimidating to his wife and two young sons (2 yrs and 2 mos.) but he is NOT intimidating to us.  In fact, I am sure after you read this you will all agree he is nothing more than a woman and child-abusing boil on the ass of society!

Let’s just get to it and we’ll see what you all think.  Sigifredo’s legacy began on February 15 at approximately 9pm, when a 2-month-old baby boy arrived at Sutter Delta Memorial Hospital, unresponsive and suffering from major injuries.  The doctors suspected child abuse and called the police.  The baby was transferred to Children’s Hospital Oakland, where he was treated for multiple fractures, a lacerated liver and bleeding on the brain.  The doctors were unable to save him and removed him from life support on February 16th; he would die from injuries less than 24 hours later.  Heartbreaking!

The investigation into the baby’s death and suspected abuse revealed that before the baby was taken to the hospital he and his 2-year-old brother were in the care of their father, while their mother was at work.  Lau called his wife at work to say that the baby was hurt, at which time she called 911.  Inconsistencies were found in the Lau’s statement and after further questioning he confessed that he had punched his son, in the face when he would not stop crying.  Let’s keep in mind that this is a grown man punching his infant son in the face for crying, in what fucking universe does a punch in the face to anyone, let alone a BABY, stop him or her from crying?  Anyone, anyone… please enlighten a girl! Anyhow, the boil on the ass of society was arrested on February 17th

Police also found that the 2-year-old was abused in the past as well.  Nice!  It appears that daddy fucking dearest up there has an issue with 2-month-old babies.  He abused his older son as well when he was 2-months-old, in April of 2009, but the D.A. at the time decided not to press charges.  Nice fucking going!

Oh yeah and dad beat up mom earlier in February!  Gawd damn dude, pick on someone your own size you prick! 

Lau has been charged with murder in the death of the infant, willful injury to a child for the abuse in 2009 of his older son and corporal injury on a spouse for the attack on his wife.  Stick it to this motherfucker, it couldn’t happen to a nicer more deserving person.

Police said the children’s mother was at work at the time of the attack, was extremely distraught and cooperating fully.  There was no indication she knowingly left her children in danger.  Umm… what?  Didn’t this man abuse the older son two years ago?  Didn’t this man just assault her two weeks before he abused their baby?  Did I miss something?? Aren’t these clear signs this guy has abusive tendencies and is capable of abuse of any and all the members of his family?  Isn’t that by definition a dangerous situation?

4 thoughts on “Spousal abuse, child-abuse, one good punch and death….

  1. Veronica says:

    i know that i’m supposed to have empathy for abused women but i don’t. i just don’t.


    1. Veronica says:

      i take this back. life is complicated.


  2. CynicalMe says:

    I have empathy for abused women, but that empathy ends when they allow their children to be abused!!

    My grandmother was severely abused by my grandfather. He never disciplined his kids!! If he had ever turned his rage on one of the kids my grandmother would have slit his throat!

    He died in a car wreck when I was 2. From what everyone has told me he thought I had hung the stars just for him. He adored me and I’m sure I would have adored him. He’d changed at that point in his life and stopped drinking. He no longer abused my grandmother.

    Going through that relationship with him made my grandmother a very strong woman! She was my hero. I still mold myself to be the way she was. She was best friend, mother, and grandmother to all she came in contact with. She was stern when it was needed and soft when it wasn’t.

    She never used the abuse for sympathy or as an excuse for any bullshit. She always said she made her choices and she’d stand by them good or bad. She had three biological children (the oldest died of SIDS while grandpa was in WWII), 2 adopted children, many grandchildren, and multiple kids that just needed someone to feed them and show them love!!

    But I digress…

    I think it’s Hammer Time!!

    This prick needs a sledge hammer taken to his torso and after being in agonizing pain for quite awhile then bash his fucking face in!!!

    As for the abused wife she should be facing prison right along with him she knew he was capable of this he had already done it once!! She also should have all parental rights severed because she evidently isn’t capable of keeping her kids safe!

    Speaking of which the fucking, worthless-ass DA needs to join the prick in hammer time!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Deena, a punch in the face usually does stop a child from crying……permanently! I want to know, if there was not sufficient evidence to try the jackwipe for abuse on the older child at the time of his injuries 2 years ago, how can they be charging him now? suddenly there is enough evidence? If they had charged him back then maybe this little angel would be alive today.
    I have sympathy for an abused woman but not one that can’t pull her head out of her ass long enough to protect her children from abuse. If she could get out of the house to go to work then she could have gotten out of the house to call for help for her and her children. She knew who she was married to and she knew what he was capable of, and I will not take “but I was too scared” and “I had no where to go” shit from any mother who willingly lets her kids be hurt, as an excuse. This rat bastard is evil and violent and she knew it. Shame on her, she is just as responsible for this childs death and the abuse of her older child as he is. We all know that the older child has been abused more than the one time 2 years ago.
    I think this scumbag should be killed, I don’t even care if he suffers, just shoot him in the face and get it the hell over with. And make her watch. She should also be made to watch as her older boy is placed into a loving home with loving parents just before they rip her felopian tubes out through her nose.
    RIP little one and I pray a life of happiness and sfety for the older boy as well.


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