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Sports reporter turned pimp pleads guilty


Mass. jails NH sports reporter for prostitution:

I originally posted about Kevin Provencher here. He’s a former sports reporter from New Hampshire who was arrested back in 2009 for running a prostitution ring on craigslist and backpage.

This past Friday Provencher pleaded guilty to two counts of deriving support from a prostitute, two counts of procuring a person into prostitution, two counts of solicitation for prostitution and one count of witness intimidation.

He’s only getting a mere 1 to 2 1/2 years behind bars. If the law really wanted to do something about prostitution and human trafficking scum like Provencher would get much larger sentences and so would the johns.

Review of Bitch Slap


With the bitter taste of Salt in my mouth, pun intended, I needed to see a movie that didn’t suck so bad. So once again I raided my brother’s Netflix queue and found this tasty morsel called Bitch Slap.

My brother called it a low-budget Kill Bill so I went in with low expectations.

Basically the movie is a spoof/tribute to the exploitation movies of the 70s. Within the first 30 minutes of the movie I was like “What is this crap?” The scenes that were not taking place in the main location were obviously filmed in front of a green screen. I had seen YouTube videos with better production values.

However after the first 30 minutes this turned out to be a really fun cheesy popcorn film with boobs, chicks kissing, guns, and lots of violence. It even had the actors who portrayed the major characters in the Hercules/Xena series of the 90’s including Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Renee O’Connor and Michael Hurst.

Plus how bad can a movie be when it has such great lines like “Ram this in your clambake bicthcakes.”

3 1/2 fedoras out of 5.

Christian Helms to be tried as an adult

Christian Helms

Christian Helms

Sorry that I’m late on this one.

Anyway last Friday a judge ruled that accused Socastee High shooter Christian Helms will be tried as an adult.

Again I don’t care what the kid looks like but this is the only logical step to take. If he was successful in shooting and killing school resource officer Erik Karney would we even hesitate to have a cop killer tried as an adult?

Don’t want kids like this going to jail? Be better parents.

Good News/Bad News for Camden


The good news for citizens of Camden, New Jersey that aren’t criminals is that the city is hiring some of its police force back.

The bad news is they will only be around from April to June.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but don’t crime statistics spike in the summer due to more people being outdoors at later times? In a cesspool like Camden I can’t see how the crime numbers could possibly get any higher but they will.

While we’re at it let’s hear some more ramifications of what laying off half of their police force has done for the city.

The Camden layoffs had left about a dozen or so squad cars on the street during the day and night, fewer during a shift change. Before the layoffs, there were close to double that many, officers said. 

As of Tuesday, the number was down to as few as 10 patrol cars on the street during the day because officers were assigned to specialized units. Six cars handle patrol, and four go to hot spots and serve as backup, according to a senior officer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. 

Officers are going longer distances to calls, and backup is harder to come by, said other officers, who likewise did not want to be identified.

If Camden doesn’t get its ass in gear before the temps start hitting the 80s there will be literal hell to pay. With little to no police and fire coverage I can see the city burning down any day now.

Shrink: Carneal is faking it

Michael Carneal

Michael Carneal

In testimony this week to see if Heath High School gunman Michael Carneal deserves a new trial for the 1997 school shooting a clinical and forensic psychologist basically said that Carneal is faking it

Clark said the answers Carneal provided to another test, the MMPI, were so outrageous the computer could not score it. He testified Carneal worked hard at providing answers he knew would help his case.

So basically I stand by my supposition that Carneal was sane at the time of the shooting, he’s sane now and he’s trying to game the system into giving him another trial.

When murderers like Carneal ask for a new trial I always like to say be careful what you wish for. Instead of a life sentence you could end up with a 100+ years Kip Kinkel-like sentence.

Youshock’s parents testify

Alex Youshock

Alex Youshock

The parents of Alex Youshock testified this past week. Youshock is on trial for attempting a bomb and chainsaw attack at Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, California.

This quote is basically all you need to know about Youshock’s parents…

“As a parent, I didn’t really know everything he was doing,” Richard Youshock recalled.


Three charged in Wausau for backpage child prostitution

Vaughn, Riehle, and Metzger

Vaughn, Riehle, and Metzger

Three Wausau-area residents charged with child prostitution:

Darrell D. Vaughn, 19, Nicole K. Riehle, 18, and Barbi L. Metzger, 27, have all been arrested by Wausau, Wisconsin police and charged with various offenses related to prostitution. According to police the trio were prostituting a few 17-year-old girls. At least one of the girls was advertised on the Village Voice Media owned with pictures of her in just her underwear.

They are looking at a max of 25 years a piece.

Again I have to ask VVM and backpage how are those precautions coming along to prevent child prostitution on your site? I wonder if I’ll get a different answer this time…

Mich. man sentenced for sex assault of Ohio MySpace girls


32-year-old David Zobel of Ann Arbor, Michigan was arrested back in 2009 for meeting two underage girls over MySpace that were from Xenia, Ohio and sexually assaulting them.

Zobel picked them up in Xenia then took them to a parking garage in Toledo where he took explicit pictures of them and sexually assaulted (raped?) the 12 and 13-year-old girls.

This past week the 33-year-old Zobel was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison. This was after he made a plea deal back in January.

I understand it was probably to keep the victims from testifying and living it all over again but can’t we get real sentences for these sex predators?