Convicted cop killer granted new sentencing, victim still dead

Officer Daniel Faulkner

Officer Daniel Faulkner

Wesley Cook is better known by his criminal name Mumia Abu-Jamal. He was convicted and sentenced to death in 1982 for the shooting death of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner.

He’s become the focal point for the anti-death penalty crown and some celebrities. For almost the past 30 years he has escaped the death penalty that he so richly deserves.

Now justice has been served another blow as the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has granted Abu-Jamal a new sentencing hearing within six months on the grounds that the original jury received faulty instructions.

Like his predecessors since Abu-Jamal’s conviction Philadelphia’s current District Attorney believes that he should be put to death…

“Yes, the criminal justice system in Philadelphia, the criminal justice system in America, have had a history of problems and racism,” said Williams, the city’s first black district attorney. “(But) this is not a whodunit.” 

Abu-Jamal’s worldwide followers “don’t know the facts,” Williams said.

You don’t need a criminal justice degree to see that the facts are simple. The bullets from Abu-Jamal’s gun were found in Daniel Faulkner’s body yet the ‘Free Mumia’ crowd hold on to decades old conspiracy theories that have been disproved.

One of those groups clinging to disproven theories is the NAACP

“This decision marks an important step forward in the struggle to correct the mistakes of an unfortunate chapter in Pennsylvania history,” said John Payton, director of the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund.

 The only mistake and unfortunate chapter is the fact that Abu-Jamal is still drawing breath. The fact that Abu-Jamal is black and Daniel Faulkner was white is immaterial. The fact remains is that there were eye witnesses and the aforementioned bullets from Abu-Jamal’s own handgun. The people who are claiming racism, including whites with liberal guilt issues, are disrespecting the memory of a good Philly cop and his widow. Both of whom have been denied justice for almost three decades.

Speaking of Officer Faulkner’s widow, Maureen Faulkner, she is in fact seeking the justice that has been denied for the past 30 years….

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said he kept a campaign promise Tuesday. He made a telephone call to Maureen Faulkner and asked her what to do about Mumia Abu-Jamal. 

Leave him to spend life in prison, he asked, or keep seeking the death penalty for the murder of her husband, Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, in 1981? 

She chose the death penalty, Williams said. 

He said Faulkner was “devastated” by the appeals court decision and “was crying while I was speaking with her.”

“She believes that the court again is being intellectually dishonest. . . . If the courts don’t believe there should be a death penalty, they should just say that,” he said.

DA Williams said that he will appeal this latest ruling to the US Supreme Court.

Ohio craigslist pedo sting nabs another


Bucyrus man also arrested in sex sting:

You remember 2nd grade teacher Aaron Turner don’t you? He was the guy who was busted in Edison, Ohio for allegedly soliciting sex from a ‘father/son’ ad on craigslist that was actually placed by Edison police.

That sting produced another suspect as well and that would be 23-year-old Dave Staats of Bucyrus, Ohio.

Let’s hear from the undercover officer…

“When he met me, I said, ‘This has got to stay between us because I have a 13-year-old son,’ ” Meyer said, noting the entire story was fabricated. “He said, ‘I can’t have it getting out, either, because I’m also in the public eye.’ ”

Meyer said Staats then told him he sits on a Bucyrus committee.

Here’s a thought junior. If you don’t want your pedophile like ways being made publics STOP TRYING TO HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN!!!!

And once again this just shows that craigslist’s casual encounters section is in desperate need of moderation and that the community policing has obviously failed.

Voice of the trafficked


I received the following e-mail recently from someone claiming to be a current victim of human trafficking…

I have & continue to be human trafficked on craigslist which all attorney generals are on plus attorney general & authorities have been notified but I believe they are the problem in causing and promoting my human traffick cuz nothing remains to be done. Craigslist cuz of it criminal activities and other similar web domains should not be able to proceed any further with these ads section on sex period. I know that I am used as asset in financial markets that is why my human traffick and underage trafficking is allowed cuz it is an industry supporting the backbone of america businesses. This is the truth.

In my opinion it’s because once the attorneys general got craigslist to shut down adult/erotic services they felt that was a big enough show to look good for voters but most of them have failed to not only follow up with craigslist but have largely ignored backpaqge as well.

Hopefully the author of this e-mail will be able to find some help and escape that life. There are resources for that available on the right hand side of the page.

Martinsville shooter to be tried as an adult

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

This past Monday a judge ruled that Martinsville West Middle School gunman Michael Phelps will be tried as an adult. Phelps is accused of shooting Chance Jackson in the abdomen within the walls of the school.

The Judge stated his reason behind the ruling was the heinousness of the crime and felt that his upbringing in a home filled with substance abuse was no excuse for his actions.

Bravo to the judge. It’s always nice to see, for me anyway, that not all judges fall for this line of crap. Recently the Kid Kriminal Krowd has circled their wagons and aren’t discussing which kids they support publicly but I imagine they’ll pick up the cross for Phelps.

Now let’s here what his douchey defense attorney has to say

Defense attorney Steven Litz called the ruling “politically expedient” and said Phelps would emerge from prison far worse than he entered if convicted as an adult. 

“The public can be protected from him,” he said. “The experts testified last week indicated that there are secure facilities where Michael can get treatment he needs and would protect the public.”

This isn’t about what Phelps needs. He’s already committed his crime and now he must pay for what he’s done. He doesn’t need treatment, he’s already a broken individual. What he needs is incarceration. 

“It’s always easier to do what is politically expedient than what is compassionately just,” Litz said. “It’s always easier to close one’s eyes than open one’s heart, and that’s what you’ve witnessed here.”

I’m sorry, did I miss something? Where was your client’s compassion when he shot Chance Jackson in the stomach twice with the two bullets ripping through seven of Chance’s organs? Oh that’s right. He didn’t have any compassion for him.

This past Tuesday Phelps’ attorney entered a not guilty plea for his client. I can’t wait to see the defense for this one. Will he stick with the ‘bad childhood’ defense or will he try something new? I don’t see him using the bullying defense since word has it that Phelps wanted Chance Jackson to fight but Chance refused.

Phelps’ attorney is also looking for the trial to be moved. Again that’s fine by me. Let there be no reason for this dangerous psycho to get off with.

It’s also being reported that Phelps’ attorney says that his client has been terrified in adult jail. I’m sure not nearly as terrified as Chance Jackson was after Phelps shot him and during his multiple surgeries.

On the good news/bad news front Chance Jackson has finally been released from the hospital but will face lifelong medical problems related to the shooting. Sounds like a life sentence for Phelps would be in order then.

Also a trust fund for Chance has been set up through Citizen’s Bank…

Donations can be made at any branch or mailed to Citizens Bank at PO Box 789, Mooresville, Ind., 46158. 

Trench on Obama’s birth certificate


As you may know I am not a huge fan of President Obama mostly because of his so-called healthcare reform. However I think he did himself a great disservice by releasing his birth certificate. Personally I don’t think the whole ‘birther’ debate was worthy of a response from The President. Only people with the relative IQ of a houseplant believe that President Obama was not born in this country.

The whole birther movement is the right-wing equivalent of the people who kept claiming that President Bush stole the election in 2000. They’re just a bunch of sore losers who can’t get over that their guy didn’t win.

Plus the birthers won’t be satisfied with this. I’m sure they’ve already come up with some idiotic theory that this is a fake. People like this can’t be reasoned with so in my opinion President Obama should have just ignored them. Now in the birthers’ eyes his response gives them legitimacy.

2nd grade teacher charged with soliciting sex from teen on craigslist

Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner

Second-grade teacher caught in online sex sting:

2nd Grade Teacher Charged With Attempting To Meet Teen For Sex:

Police in Edison, Ohio arrested 28-year-old Aaron Turner of Lexington, OH for allegedly soliciting sex from a 13-year-old boy on craigslist. Edison police posted a fake ad on craigslist posing as a father turning out his 13-year-old son.

It turns out that Turner is a 2nd grade teacher from a neighboring school district. Usually when a scumbag like Turner is arrested it usually is not the suspect’s first time. I just hope that none of the kids in his school have been his victims.

Once again I doubt that the Edison police placed their ad in conjunction with craigslist which shows that craigslist has a problem with the casual encounters section. I mean where else would an ad like this be placed? The community policing doesn’t work so why does craigslist still insist on using it?

Fort Wayne prostitution arrest shows typical pimp behavior


Prostitution arrest after ad:

Police in Fort Wayne, Indiana arrested Antwone K. Davis Sr. on prostitution charges after investigating an ad on their local section of They allege that Davis was basically the woman’s pimp and some quotes in the article show that he was displaying typical pimp behavior…

A woman in the car told police she and Davis had been dating for six months and that he had come to her two months ago about “making money” through online prostitution. The woman told police Davis posted the ads, but she also told them she posted the ads, court documents said.

Davis told police his girlfriend would give him the money she received from clients, and they would share it, but later he told police she would keep the money and buy what they needed, court records said.

It sounds like to me that the woman was trying to cover up for Davis in fear of what Davis could to her. Also the fact that Davis would keep all the money shows that this woman was probably nothing more than a sexual slave for Davis with no freedom of her own.

Like I keep saying if the government really wanted to do something serious about prostitution and human trafficking then they would send these pimps to prison for some seriously long sentences.

15-year-old girl and her 2-month-old baby encountered in Florida backpage sting


Hookers, pimps and gang members arrested in Polk prostitution sting:

In Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd, one of my favorite sheriffs, announced that 60 people were arrested in a prostitution sting dubbed Operation Curtain Call. The majority of those arrested were through the Village Voice Media owned

Among those arrested were a 25-year-old woman who was 5 months pregnant and a 15-year-old girl who had her pimp waiting in the car along with her 2-month-old baby daughter. Defenders of prostitution would probably have you believe that she was there willingly I’m sure.

Still, Backpage insists that there isn’t a problem.

Adam Baker out of jail

Adam Baker

Adam Baker

Adam Baker out of jail, wearing ankle monitor”

I don’t have to tell you who Adam Baker is by now but I will. He’s the guy for some inexplicable reason married the Sheen-Cow known as Elisa Baker and is also the father of murdered 10-year-old Zahra Baker.

The last we heard he had been arrested on identity theft charges for using someone else’s personal information in order to get service from the power company. He was arrested after he expressed that he wanted to return to his native Australia. Anyway his bond has been posted and he’s out of jail. Don’t expect him to make a run for it yet as he has been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and he is being watched by immigration.

I am unsure what his role in Zahra’s death may have been however I do believe he at least had involvement in the cover up following her murder. So far I think that the Hickory, NC police have been handling this case better than a lot of ‘big city’ departments.

Martinsville shooter showed off gun say police


Today’s kids are stupid. I’m sure my dad said that about my generation but if we saw someone with a gun in school it would have been reported. Unlike what happened at Martinsville West Middle School with one Michael Phelps.

According to police Phelps not only showed off the gun to other students at the school but even told them that he was going to shoot Chance Jackson. As you can surmise this went unreported. Supposedly the kids said that they didn’t think he was serious. Obviously he was.

Listen up kids, Uncle Trench is going to learn you something called common sense. If someone brings a gun to your school it’s very possible that you could be struck by one of its bullets. If someone brings a gun to school they’ve already shown that they’re serious. Report it.