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Alex Youshock

Alex Youshock

This past Monday 17-year-old Alex Youshock was convicted of attempted murder for storming the halls of Hillsdale High in San Matteo, California looking to kill his chemistry teacher. If you’ll recall Youshock was armed with pipe bombs, a katana, and a chainsaw.

He was also convicted on three counts of weapon possession and using a pipe bomb in an act of terrorism.

The jury was deadlocked on whether or not Youshock was guilty of the attempted murder of a school security aide and the judge declared a mistrial on that charge.

The next step will be to see if Youshock is sane since he pleaded not guilty by insanity.

I think sane is a relative term in this case since Youshock wanted to kill school employees because they supposedly told him to do his work and pay attention in class. How dare they?. Either way, this self-entitled dumbass needs to be kept in custody for as long as possible.

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