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Why Hasn’t Another Product Disrupted and Replaced Craigslist?:

This is an article that’s been making the rounds in tech circles. It was a question that was originally posted on Quora that was answered by venture capitalist Josh Hannah. In a nutshell, Mr. Hannah says that craigslist is being disrupted and replaced by being nickel and dimed by other specialized websites like StubHub and Etsy. Mr. Hannah goes on to say that craigslist is being replaced but they just don’t know it yet.

I don’t believe craigslist has been replaced yet and I’ll tell you why I think that is. It comes down to two things, brand name and ignorance.

In internet terms, craigslist has been around since the dawn of time. They have established themselves as a brand name in the world of free classifieds. Convenience and familiarity cause people not to do any research on finding an alternative. When they need to buy or sell something they’ll just say “Eh, use craigslist.” Not to mention the cult-like fans that craigslist has attracted over the years that are Apple-like in their devotion to the site.

And even if craigslist had been replaced they would either not know it or deny it. That seems to be craigslist’s M.O.

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