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This is how utterly stupid we have become as a society.

It’s being reported that Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, aka Wellington Oliveria, was bullied when attended the Tasso da Silveira school, nine years ago.

This means that some journalist somewhere actually went out and actively sought his former classmates to ask them this question. Whatever journalist that was should not only have their press pass taken away they should be squarely kicked in whatever genitals they possess.

He killed 12 children. He shot them in their heads and ripped them from their families before cowardly taking his own life escaping justice. Oliveria was the ultimate bully by cowardly killing innocent children.

The more that these kinds of stories get circulated the more that bullying victims or those who think they’ve been bullied will resort to mass murder rather than taking the high road to deal with their problems.

As I’ve said before with what ‘bullying’ is considered today by the feel-good crowd and soccer moms we’re raising generations of self-entitled marshmallows.

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