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Wellington Oliveira

Wellington Oliveira

In a move that should surprise no one in the least, it turns out that the Tasso da Silveira gunman, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, left a video before cowardly taking the lives of 12 children in the Rio de Janeiro school.

In it, he paid tribute to Cho Seung Hui calling him his brother. Much like the cretin Cho did to the Columbine cowards.

Being the cowardly loser like he is Oliveira blames bullying that he experienced almost 10 years ago at Tasso da Silveira for the shooting. Just like most of these cowards he blames everyone but himself…

“I hope this serves as a lesson, especially to those school officials who stood by with their arms crossed as students were being attacked, humiliated, ridiculed,” Menezes de Oliveira says in one video.

“I want to leave very clear that I am not responsible for the deaths that will occur, even though my fingers will be on the trigger,” he adds, blaming the murders he went on to commit on bullies.

And just like the losers and cowards that came before him, he took his so-called revenge out on innocent victims that had nothing to do with him being bullied. It also shows that Oliveira was obviously an ignorant twit who bought into the Columbine bullying myth. The Columbine cowards weren’t bullied and Cho was not bullied. In both of those cases, the main motivating factors are that they were jealous of those who were more successful or popular than them.

If you’re one of these emotional marshmallows who is still carrying a grudge about being teased in school 10 years later it’s time to get some mental help. Only cowards solve their personal problems with a gun.

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