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Adam Baker

Adam Baker

Adam Baker out of jail, wearing ankle monitor”

I don’t have to tell you who Adam Baker is by now but I will. He’s the guy for some inexplicable reason married the Sheen-Cow known as Elisa Baker and is also the father of murdered 10-year-old Zahra Baker.

The last we heard he had been arrested on identity theft charges for using someone else’s personal information in order to get service from the power company. He was arrested after he expressed that he wanted to return to his native Australia. Anyway, his bond has been posted and he’s out of jail. Don’t expect him to make a run for it yet as he has been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and he is being watched by immigration.

I am unsure what his role in Zahra’s death may have been however I do believe he at least had involvement in the cover-up following her murder. So far I think that the Hickory, NC police have been handling this case better than a lot of ‘big city’ departments.

5 thoughts on “Adam Baker out of jail

  1. Jadecrowe says:

    it would be close to impossible for him to run at this point. everybody in NC knows his face, and he’s already been busted at Charlotte-Douglas airport once.

    and you know as well as i do that he had way more to do with it than just the cover-up. if nothing else, he knew that waste of oxygen was abusing his daughter and didn’t stop it. he can plead ignorance all he wants, but if the gothapotamus’s relatives could tell that Zahra was being abused there’s no fucking way he lived in the same house and didn’t know. probably just doesn’t have the balls to have done anything about it.


  2. Steve says:

    The only thing left for debate with Adam Baker is HOW MUCH involvement he had. the fact that he is being monitored should tell you that they (the police) definitely want this guy to stay around.

    One good thing is the massive media exposure this case has gotten. I don’t know about you but when all eyes are on you to make things go right-you REALLY are on your A game because you don’t want anything going wrong. And the truth is the massive media coverage has also meant international attention. Even people in the Australian media are saying they believe he is involved. they just don’t know how.


    1. Jadecrowe says:

      i agree with Trench and Steve – the Hickory PD is doing a stellar job. being perfectly honest, had this happened in Charlotte, i think the CMPD and/or Meck. Sheriff’s Dept. would have completely boogered up the investigation. and yes, i say that as a Charlotte native who has nothing against the police there. but there is such a thing as too much media exposure, which can lead to mistakes in investigations. Char/Meck law enforcement loves them some media. a lot. Hickory has played it quiet and close to the vest, so when they got the warrants there was enough evidence to make them stick.

      i’m curious to see who’s going to get a better deal with the prosecutor’s office. since the fat whore wasn’t divorced from her last husband when she and daddy douchebag got “married”, the marriage is rendered invalid and spousal privilege goes right out the window.


      1. rawr says:

        (I just ran past this but) Hell, I’m from Kannapolis and the PD here and in Charlotte would have just thrown out the identity theft. The police here are bs


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