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I received the following e-mail recently from someone claiming to be a current victim of human trafficking…

I have & continue to be human trafficked on craigslist which all attorney generals are on plus attorney general & authorities have been notified but I believe they are the problem in causing and promoting my human traffick cuz nothing remains to be done. Craigslist cuz of it criminal activities and other similar web domains should not be able to proceed any further with these ads section on sex period. I know that I am used as asset in financial markets that is why my human traffick and underage trafficking is allowed cuz it is an industry supporting the backbone of america businesses. This is the truth.

In my opinion, it’s because once the attorneys general got craigslist to shut down adult/erotic services they felt that was a big enough show to look good for voters but most of them have failed to not only follow up with craigslist but have largely ignored Backpaqge as well.

Hopefully, the author of this e-mail will be able to find some help and escape that life. There are resources for that available on the right-hand side of the page.

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