Child abuse hotline boss caught selling weed with kids in the house

Police: Child abuse hotline supervisor sold pot with children in home:

If this isn’t like rain on your wedding day I don’t know what is.

In Glenville, New York police arrested 39-year-old Kristen Trapalis for selling weed out of her home while three young children, 7 months, 4 year and 6-years, were there. Police confiscated 4 pounds of weed during the arrest.

What makes this ironic is that Trapalis is a supervisor for the state’s child abuse hotline. According to tipster K. this doesn’t come as that big of a surprise to her…

I once called this child abuse hotline, and reported someone smoking crack in front of his 7 year old daughter. The response was “And how does that harm the child?”.

So I guess if smoking crack in front of kids is allegedly tolerated then dealing weed out of your house surely must not be that big a deal.

Drug dealing, no matter what kind of drug, can be a violent business. When you’re dealing in large quantities and have an excess of cash laying around the house you’re leaving yourself wide open to a plethora of violent crimes, which in turn puts the young children of the house in grave danger.

No word if police were tipped off through the child abuse hotline. Somehow I doubt it.

Ill. man killed after craigslist prostitution transaction


Timothy and Kimberly Smith

Man who served as wife’s pimp charged in killing:

Add yet another name to the ever increasing list of so-called ‘craigslist killers’. 26-year-old Timothy Smith of Woodstock, Illinois is accused of shooting and killing 48-year-old Kurt Milliman during a craigslist prostitution transaction.

From what I can gather Smith was allegedly pimping out his wife, 28-year-old Kimberly Smith, on craigslist. Milliman was at their home in Woodstock supposedly seeking the services of Smith’s wife. At some point an altercation took place and police say that Smith shot Milliman.

Smith called the police and when they arrived Milliman was still alive but he later died from the gunshot.

Yet again this highlights a few things. The first is obviously that prostitution is obviously still going on through craigslist. The second is that anytime you use the services of a prostitute you’re running a great risk that you could be the victim of a violent crime. Of course lastly, craigslist still needs to moderate the casual encounters section because this is obviously where the prostitution ads have migrated too.

Thanks to Bonnie for the tip.

15-year-old girl held captive, prostituted on backpage

Norman S. Barnes

Norman S. Barnes

Dorchester man who allegedly forced teen into prostitution held without bail:

In Massachusetts police say that Norman s. Barnes of Dorchester held a 15-year-old girl captive for 10 days and forced her to have sex with men. At one point the girl was allegedly forced to have sex with 8 men in one night.

Barnes allegedly approached the girl after she got out of school and convinced her to go with him. He’s also accused of having sex (child rape) with the girl multiple times.

Now who wants to take a guess on how this dirtbag found johns? That’s right, it was on the Village Voice Media owned I wonder how Barnes was able to get around backapge’s massive safety measures designed to keep children from being trafficked on their site? Oh that’s right, no matter how much they claim it, backpage doesn’t have any real safety measures.

Cali sex offender caught checking Facebook at Apple Store

Robert Nicholas McGuire

Robert Nicholas McGuire

35-year-old Robert Nicholas McGuire is a registered sex offender in California. Part of his being a registered sex offender bans him from being on the internet. So rather than getting on the internet at home McGuire allegedly got on to Facebook at an Apple Store in San Luis Obispo.

What McGuire was unaware of is that there were two detectives had recognized McGuire and tailed him into the store. While in the store one of the detectives went on to the Megan’s Law website and verified McGuire’s identity and internet ban. McGuire was arrested after he left the store. While in the store one of the detectives went on to the Megan’s Law website and verified McGuire’s identity and internet ban. McGuire was arrested after he left the store.

Again you have to be a complete moron to get on the internet if it means you go to jail for a really long time. I think that sex offenders should never be released back into the public but that’s just me.

Cali sex offender used social and dating sites to molest teens

Shaun Harrison

Shaun Harrison

Douchey McSoulpatch over there is 25-year-old Shaun Harrison of Paso Robles, California, a registered sex offender. He’s been recently arrested for allegedly molesting three girls, one as young as 13, that he met through Facebook and MySpace. Harrison used the usernames of  Shaun Harrison, Shaun Robert and sk8erboy805.

Harrison has a previous conviction of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under age 14.

What makes this story different is that Harrison may have also used free online dating sites Zoosk and PlentyOfFish to either molest these girls or to find potential victims. Police say that his victims may have lied about their age to get on those sites.

Police believe he may have more victims

Those with information can contact the Paso Robles Police Department at 805-237-6464. Those wishing to remain anonymous can contact Crime Stoppers at 805-549-STOP.

A while  ago a former business associate of mine suggested that I should blog about dating site crime and I think that time has finally come. So what are the other free dating sites out there besides these two? Don’t say craigslist, that’s already being covered.

By the way, a soulpatch isn’t the sign of a child molester, just a douchebag.

Latest craigslist killer may be serial craigslist criminal


Craigslist Shooting Suspect May Be Tied to Similar Crimes:

I originally posted about the murder of Garrett Berki here. The 18-year-old was shot and killed after being robbed in a phony craigslist transaction. Now it turns out that this may not be the gunman’s first rodeo when it comes to craigslist crime.

17-year-old Rashon Abernathy is the accused triggerman in Garrett Berki’s murder. Another victim has identified Abernathy in another craigslist robbery where Abernathy allegedly robbed someone at gunpoint after posting an ad for a Macbook Pro. The same kind of laptop that Garrett Berki thought he was buying.

Once again, when you have a free classifieds site with no moderation and a perceived sense of anonymity you are going to have this kind of crime. Also once again craigslist would rather see their userbase die than make any significant changes.

Backpage child prostitution ring busted in Washington state


Kennewick police uncover alleged prostitution ring:

In Kennewick, Washington police have arrested 19-year-old Melissa Marie Salsbury and her husband, 20-year-old Stanley Lynn Salsbury Jr., for prostituting 17-year-old girls on the Village Voice Media owned The Salsburys allegedly used threats of violence and extortion to keep the girls working for them. The girls were recruited by being told that they would be dancing for money.

Also arrested were four johns, mot of whom allegedly knew the girls were underage…

— Chad Andrew Crithfield, 40, of Richland, on three counts of fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation, a gross misdemeanor.

— Francisco Meza III, 31, of Sunnyside, with commercial sex abuse of a minor, a felony.

— Mason Cameron Harris, 24, of Kennewick with prostitution, a misdemeanor, and third-degree theft, a gross misdemeanor.

— Armand Robert Vasquez, 67, of Phoenix, Ariz., with commercial sex abuse of a minor, a felony.

The sad part is that none of the six are currently in custody. Again, child traffickers and their clients are being treated with kid gloves, no pun intended. Instead they should be treated with an iron fist rule.

And again I think it’s obvious that backpage’s alleged steps to eliminate trafficking in their site are non-existent.

Facebook CEO wants kids under 13 to use his site

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Recently Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would like to have children under 13 use his site. That’s not feasible right now because of the  Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which says that websites can’t collect information on users younger than 13.

The internet being what it is mostly everyone is cynical of Mr. Zuckerberg’s motives. They think he’s part of some evil privacy invasion plot, exaggerated slightly. Mr. Zuckerberg says he wants the children on his site for educational purposes…

“Education is clearly the biggest thing that will drive how the economy improves over the long term,” Zuckerberg said. “We spend a lot of time talking about this.”

Mr. Zuckerberg said this basically as an off hand comment during an interview and not as some kind of proclamation. He’s been a big proponent of education since he’s made his fortune so I think he’s being genuine. I also think he’s being naive. Mr. Zuckerberg is still in his 20s albeit his late 20s. While educating children is indeed a lofty goal unfortunately this is not a perfect world and some people do use Facebook for nefarious purposes against children. Add that to uneducated or inattentive parents and you have a recipe for disaster by having young children on Facebook.

I don’t think his idea is totally without merit though. Maybe if there was a separate Facebook that could be moderated by school faculties might not be a bad idea. However even then you’d have to worry about less than reputable educators.

Bottom line is Mr. Zuckerberg’s heart is in the right place but unfortunately we are far off from the time where this could be a reality.

Backpage child pimp arrested for the 2nd time

Jonathan Padilla

Jonathan Padilla

Chicago teen charged with pimping 15-year-old — 2nd time in two months:

This is exactly what the problem is with child prostitution and human trafficking in this country.

18-year-old Joseph Padilla was arrested back in April during this backpage prostitution bust in Polk County, Florida. He was the one who allegedly pimping out a 15-year-old girl while her 2-month-old waited in the car with Padilla. You would think that someone who was pimping out a 15-year-old girl would still be in jail. Not so.

Padilla was arrested yet again, this time in Osceola County, for pimping out another 15-year-old girl. He had only been out of prison a week. Apparently whatever punishment he was facing it wasn’t enough to keep him from doing it a week out of jail. Bonds and sentences need to be seriously increased if this punk can pimp out children in less than a week from being let out of jail.

Joseph Brooks commits suicide while facing craigslist sex charges


Oscar Winner Facing Sex Charges an Apparent Suicide:

I’ve posted about 73-year-old Joseph Brooks before. He’s the Oscar winning songwriter who wrote the Debby Boone hit “You Light Up My Life”. He was facing charges that he used craigslist to lure aspiring actresses to his New York City home where he would date rape them.

He’s no longer facing those charges as he took his own life using a plastic bag and a helium tank this past weekend. Thanks for saving the taxpayers of New York further expenses.

It doesn’t matter how rich they may be, criminals will always flock to craigslist.