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Village Voice Media Getting Down and Dirty with Escort Ads:

This is an excellent article written by Kat Stoeffel of the New York Observer, which is an alt-weekly newspaper in New York City much like the infamous Village Voice.

In this article, Ms. Stoeffel takes Village Voice Media to task in the objectivity department when it comes to stories related to craigslist. As I’m sure most of you know Village Voice Media owns the craigslist competitor Since craigslist shut down its adult/erotic services section Backpage has become the leader in prostitution ads on the internet.

Ms. Stoeffel also details a history of VVM’s other shady business practices. It seems that the so-called champion of the people is more concerned with the bottom line.

She even interviewed an advocate who is knowledgeable about crimes being perpetrated on Backpage…

The pseudonymous crime blogger Trench Reynolds aggregates news stories about crimes involving Backpage, in part because the stories often fail to get much attention beyond local papers. (And so far they have not been reported by VVM properties.) In April alone, he’s found three stories involving underage persons sold or solicited through the site.

“Backpage says they review, but they haven’t to my knowledge,” Mr. Reynolds told The Observer. “Whatever steps they say they’re taking, it doesn’t seem to me like they’re doing anything at all.”

I urge you to read the entire article. It’s nice to see that true journalism hasn’t died yet.

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