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All Crime Is Personal

It’s been a long time since we heard from fat boy hasn’t it?

Well of course it’s just like him to complain about the death of one of the most prolific mass murderers of our time. It seems that Moore took to his fatter…I mean Twitter account to post his objections to Bin Laden’s death.

Most of it is just some politically correct over sensitive bullcrap but I would like to take issue with one of his specific tweets.

“What’s so wrong w/ just saying the truth? “We executed him.” Fine. I’m guessing most would applaud u. So I like trials! Call me an American!” he wrote.

First off this is why I prefer Facebook to Twitter. If I have something to say that’s over 140 characters I’ll post it on Facebook just so I don’t have to look like an illiterate assclown on Twitter, but I digress.

So what if Bin Laden was executed? Can you think of anyone more deserving? It was probably less suffering than his victims endured. Fine, I’ll say it. Bin Laden was executed and I for one am ecstatic about it.

As far as a trial goes I partially went over this yesterday. Not only would a trial make where ever it was being held would be a prime target but it also would have been nothing more than an opportunity for Bin Laden to spew his insane propaganda.

Then again fat boy would probably like that.

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