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Brett Byron Rhome

Brett Byron Rhome

Combover caveman over there is 31-year-old Brett Byron Rhome, a ‘professor’ from Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. He’s been arrested in Pflugerville, Texas for allegedly sexually assaulting (raping) a 14-year-old girl that he met on the goth themed social site VampireFreaks.

Rhome allegedly picked the girl up from her home at 2am in Pflugerville before taking her into the woods and assaulting (raping) her.

Apparently, Rhome was not satisfied with just one victim as investigators say he was back online trying to solicit sex from another teen. That teen turned out to be cybercrime investigators who arrested Rhome in the same park where he raped his first victim.

I wonder how hard he was trying to get a middle school teaching job.

5 thoughts on “Austin Community College teacher busted for molesting girl from VampireFreaks

  1. Closeinhouston says:

    You are a piece!  Get your facts right you P%#^&amp^##


    1. Why don’t you please enlighten us to what the ‘facts’ are. 


  2. B_cater says:

    I KNOW THIS MAN. I used to talk to him when I was 14, and believe it or not I met him via Vampire Freaks, thank god I never met him or gave him my information. I hadn’t thought about him in 6 years until I decided to google a music project he used to tell me about, The Missing Ringfinger it was called. I end up stumbling across the news footage. I am horrified and disgusted. I have no doubt he has assaulted other girls. I’m glad he’s in jail.


    1. Thank you B. It seems that someone knows what the ‘facts’ are. 


    2. A. M. says:

      I “dated” him for a while. Met via vampire freaks. Was flattered an older guy was interested in my emo self. Picked me up every Friday for over a year and…yeah…molesting ensued. Went out to dinner a few times which always sucked because he’s severely lactose intolerant so our dining choices were limited. Apartment always smelled like weed. Thought himself to be a great poet and writer and idolized Morrisey. Have a CD with some of his music on it including a song he said was written for me. Don’t know why I haven’t burned it. Maybe I’m hoping it can be use as evidence someday.


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