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Mustafa and Wallace

Mustafa and Wallace

Pair accused of enslaving women for prostitution:

Pair Indicted On Federal Sex Trafficking Charges:

Lately, I’ve been getting mail and comments from people telling me to mind my own business and stop interfering in the business of ‘consenting adults’. Again I would say that the majority of these adults are far from consenting.

For example, Solomon Manasseh Mustafa, 37, and Kalandra Annette Wallace, 24, have been federally indicted on kidnapping and sex trafficking charges in Atlanta. Investigators say that the pair recruited women into prostitution on Backpage and craigslist. They allegedly lured the women by saying it would be a ‘family-like’ atmosphere. By family like they must have meant Manson Family-like.

The women soon learned that meant being beaten, raped and handcuffed if they resisted selling sex or decided to leave the Mustafa-Wallace family, said First Assistant U.S. Attorney John Horn. The five women were also trafficked to neighboring states.

One of the women escaped from the pair by tying bedsheets together and climbing down from an apartment she was being held. In case you didn’t know consenting adults don’t try to escape their bosses’ movie prison break style. Some of the women also claim they were held in closets and had their eyes and wrists bound in duct tape and were repeatedly raped.

Mustafa is also accused of recruiting a 14-year-old runaway girl before letting her go. That’s neither consenting nor an adult.

also, I know I don’t need to mention it again but I will. Craigslist and Backpage are still in dire need of moderation if they want to be serious about sexual slavery and human trafficking but it’s obvious their not.

UPDATE 7/22/2012: Mustafa was convicted and is looking at a life sentence.

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