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Man charged with severely beating girl:

In Allentown, Pennsylvania police arrested 24-year-old Brandon Bishop for allegedly beating his fiancée’s 2-year-old daughter. Being a typical nutless macho asshole Bishop is said to have beaten the girl because the girl was too much of a princess and needed to toughen up.

Police say that Bishop admitted to them that he suffocated the girl by holding his hand over her mouth, picked her up by the hair and dropped her on a concrete floor, struck her on the head with a metal spoon and punched her all over her body including her crotch. The girl even had missing clumps of hair when interviewed by authorities.

It seems like the girl’s mother, Candace Watts, was more concerned with having a dick inside her than the welfare of her own child since she allegedly admitted that she knew that Bishop was beating her daughter.

What did this asshole think that 2-year-old girls are supposed to do? They are all princesses. Did he think they’re supposed to kill and a gut a deer or something?

Bishop is trying to claim some kind of multiple personality disorder saying that he becomes another person who beats the girl. No, you’re just an all around pussy who gets off on victimizing children.

Here’s hoping he becomes someone’s princess in prison.

Thanks to Tina for the tip.

29 thoughts on “Bad Boyfriend beats girl because she was a princess

  1. April says:

    Wow.  I wish we had a pic of this little bitch.


    1. I couldn’t find one. 


      1. April says:

        I know. I tried too.


  2. Veronica says:

    “What did this asshole think that 2-year-old girls are supposed to do? They are all princesses. Did he think they’re supposed to kill and a gut a deer or something?”

    that made me lol.  what a great write up.


  3. LadySafire says:

    Time to remove genitals, ladies. Turn this asshole into a girl and let him loose in the prison. And if he cries about his treatment? Tell him” Toughen up, sweetheart. You are being too much of a Princess.”  Bastard!


    1. Steve Weiss says:

      …Why turn him into a girl when we could inform the other inmates that he likes it without lube?


    1. Deena says:

      Well… WTF did mommy see in that fugly motherfucker? 


    2. April says:

      Good find. Bravo.


    3. Looks kind of like what I expected. Tough Guy looks like he can barely do anything himself.


      1. Clevo says:

        Except perhaps fly away using those batwing ears of his. Scumsucking macho overcontrolling evil fuckwit. Bring on that bag of door knobs Trench.


        1. More like a bag of doors.


  4. Tielgirl says:

    The pair of these ass-hats look like brother and sister.  They shouldn’t be allowed to have reproductive equipment.

    Shows the pair of them but the caption says “unknown woman” – however, there are several sites in the US that identify her as the “mother” of the little girl.

    I’m glad they have both been charged, but I’d still like to see some serious welcome committee at the local lock-up greet the pair of them.  ;-p


  5. Tielgirl says:

    Yeah, he’s claiming that when he was beating the little girl, *he* didn’t want to kill her, but he felt like “someone” who did want to kill the 2 year old.

    Uh-huh.  Right.  Now, hand your nuts in at the door junior and waddle up to the electro-shock table, Dr. Tiel is about to give you some “clarity” to help you decide which person you’d like to be.



  6. Pissed Off says:

    Tielgirl is right that is the mother and she should fry just like her boyfriend.  She even worked with children from what I heard.


  7. Benighted01 says:

    So according to Mommy Dearest, Mr. Sybil here beat this little princess up “for fun”. Yeahhhh that would really make me want to share my life and family with a man.  Forget a sense of humor, nice personality, decent looks, even a  good job or a flashy car, the drive and ability to beat small children senseless really turns me on.

    What is wrong with these women.


  8. Anonymous says:

    He does sound like he’s jealous and wants to be the princess himself.  Hey maybe one of his convict friends will tattoo a big ‘L’ on his forehead for him. Princess Loser.


  9. Digchild says:

    Such a worthless asshole loser.I hope he dies in prison.


  10. UpperBucksBeth says:

    I can’t get this one out of my mind. I’ve checked the PA prison population, and he’s not there. It’s only been 5 months, so either he is out on bail or didn’t get convicted? WTF?!?


    1. val says:

      He has court 12/12/11, I don’t think he ever bailed out.  I would put the link but I’m not sure if it’s okay, just search for PA’s unified judicial system webportal, put his name and the county-Lehigh.


    2. KathyK says:

      He’s still in Lehigh County Prison and so is the child’s mother according to  Using that site you can check the status of many offenders throughout the nation in state or county facilities.


  11. UpperBucksBeth says:

    Thanks! I forgot about the vinelink site. I was using, and he’s not listed there. I was obsessed with this story when I first read about it. It was right around all that Casey Anthony hype. I asked people to please open there eyes to what is going on right next door instead of getting so caught up in media hype. I just can’t get the FB image of Brandon and Candace out of my mind – their disgusting smirks and how her name was listed as Kamryn’s mommy or something like that. Ugh. It’s stories like this that make me question humanity. They both deserve to be sitting in jail for a very long time!!!


  12. Digchild says:

    Wow.I can’t believe that some people are so stupid,like Brandon.


  13. Debbie says:

    Okay folks. Here is an update on this case. And a photo of this little cutie.

    Pa. man gets prison in beating of wife’s daughterAssociated Press – 3 hrs agoALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) —
     A Pennsylvania man who said he beat his wife’s 2-year-old daughter because he thought she needed toughening up has been ordered to spend at least a decade in prison.Twenty-five-year-old Brandon Bishop was sentenced Tuesday to 10 to 20 years for the repeated assaults on the little girl he told police he thought was a spoiled princess.In a video played for the court, Bishop showed a police detective how he kicked, punched, choked and dropped the girl after picking her up by her hair. He pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in December.The girl’s mother admitted knowing about the assaults and failing to alert police. Candace Watts was sentenced Tuesday to 1½ years in prison.The girl is now in custody of her father.


    1. Thank you for the update, darlin’!


  14. Tangerine024 says:

    Bitch will probably be out in 18 months. Fuck that! She should be doing 10 -20, and he should have life… and they should both be sterilized.


  15. Jenny R. says:


    Y’all know the abusive ex I talk about in my long drivel-tastic comments (like this one)?

    He is this freaks cousin (can’t remember how far removed, but not by much)! During one of his custody battle flip-outs, he was screaming at my mother on the phone (extra disgusting because she is a very soft spoken, gentle, mousy senior citizen) that “the gloves [were] off” and that he was going to “be a Bishop”, “play like a Bishop”… Talking nonsense like a threat, was confusing for us till now….

    Now I see how fucked up and demented the Bishop “clan” is. Fuck!!! I’m terrified for my baby. I used to think he was just a threat to me (3 undocumented death threats will make a gal feel that way…), but…. Ugh! Me, his ex of 10 years, and several ex-friends/roommates of his have seen/heard pedophilic ramblings/leanings in him. He’s been investigated for child porn in three different counties over the years, but somehow hes always a step ahead and suddenly has a new computer by the time investigators show up, and a bullshit excuse about why the old one is no where to be found….

    We’ve been to court, I’ve called CPS, played all my cards, and yet have to relinquish her for visitation upon a judges (lack of) findings. To the world out there, when someone says document *everything* do it!!! To the gills. Hell if someone just says something in email, that can be used in a court of law if their identity can be verified. Invite his exes to talk shit, you may happen across gold.

    Most of all, pray for her. My baby needs it. She’s the sweet little blonde in my icon. I’ve never needed the presence of a guardian angel for her more.
    Fuckin bishops…. He bragged about the family policy of playing dirty like it was a good thing…


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