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Paul Anthony Wilson

Paul Anthony Wilson

In Birmingham, England police there were investigating 20-year-old Paul Anthony Wilson for grooming underage girls on the European based social site Netlog. As is common with predators like Wilson he was blackmailing girls into performing sex acts on their webcams. His victims were between the ages of 12 and 15.

When investigators caught wind of Wilson’s activity they went through his computer and discovered child porn on it. Not just any child porn but child porn that Wilson was involved in.

You see, Wilson was an employee of a children’s nursery where he committed the oral rape of a 2 to 3-year-old girl.

Wilson has pleaded guilty to the charges against him and is looking at a life sentence. The thing is England is notorious for under sentencing monsters like Wilson, at least in my opinion. He’ll probably end up getting a slap on the wrist if history of this site is any indicator.

4 thoughts on “Netlog grooming investigation leads to charges of toddler rape

  1. Elessarion says:

    I don’t know, the judge seems keen for a long sentance – maybe this time it’ll stick?

    “Judge William Davis told him he will be going to jail for a long time. He
    said: “The public has to be protected.

    “It will inevitably be an indeterminate sentence.” Wilson was remanded in
    custody and will be sentenced next month.”


  2. El, I want to believe you but you know better than I do that he could end up getting something like ten years.


  3. HKeiMary1 says:

    Thank you for the info. It’s always good to be aware of what is taking place!


  4. Mary says:

    I wish that u could find out more about Jodi Arias’s family and post it here. Tks. Mary


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