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James Hawkins

James Hawkins

I originally posted about this piece of rat excrement, James Hawkins, here. Back in 2008 Hawkins was arrested for murdering and dismembering his wife and mother of his three children, Charlene Gaither, in front of their daughter. Not only did he murder and dismember her but he also forced his then 12-year-old daughter to take part in chopping up her mother. According to reports the girl was forced to hold her dead mother’s head while Hawkins went to town with a saw.

Hawkins was molesting his own 12-year-old daughter and when Gaither found out about it she filed a protective order against Hawkins but again pieces of paper don’t stop chicken shits like Hawkins.

After his arrest Hawkins defense was that he dismembered her body but didn’t kill her. Then in court his big macho defense was that his daughter killed her own mother.

If you’ll notice nowhere in this post have I used the word ‘allegedly’. That’s because yesterday Hawkins was convicted of killing Ms. Gaither and molesting his daughter. At last check the jury was contemplating his sentence and he could receive the death penalty. As my wife is fond of saying the death penalty is too good for piece of shit like this. You get a needle and you go to sleep and never wake up. Too peaceful for an obvious coward like Hawkins. ‘They’ should give his cellies knives and saws and let them go to town on Hawkins.

And check out the piss poor excuse his defense attorney is bleating in hoping that his client doesn’t get death…

Defense attorney Gerald Skahan said he’s hopeful Hawkins won’t receive the death penalty, and plans to bring testimonies on Hawkins’ troubled upbringing in mitigation. “His brother was murdered and that kind of set off a chain of events in his life that I think that’s important that the jury hear… I think that had a tremendous impact on James and in his life and it’s those type of things that I think it’s important the jury know.”

That’s a load of bullshit. If you ask me this whole ‘bad childhood’ crap is what has gotten this country into the crime problem that it’s in today. Too many chicken shit coward killers and rapists have the jury feel sorry for them because daddy didn’t get them the toy they wanted for Christmas. He killed Ms. Gaither only to try to keep his child molesting ass out of prison.

Surprisingly it’s scum like Hawkins that reinforce my beliefs in Heaven and Hell. I have a hard time believing that there isn’t a greater justice waiting for these scumbags than the one this world can deliver.

Rot in hell scum.

My apologies to whomever sent in the tip as I have misplaced your name.

UPDATE: Hawkins received the death sentence.

18 thoughts on “James Hawkins guilty of killing and dismembering wife, raping daughter

  1. Steve Weiss says:

    Hmmm….anyone have a set of old, semi-dull steak knives?


  2. Carmella says:

    He looks like Kanye West..the murdering peice of shit!!!


  3. Susan Moore says:

    Steak knives are too good for him. I say to start off the dismembering begin with his man hood. Put a board under it flacid, wrap with piano wire, and play porn only hope for him is to not have a reaction. Then, use a serious of bolt cutters for the fingers and toes, sledge hammer for the knee caps and elbows, finally ending with the dull rusty steak knives. Yeah, I’m just a little twisted when it comes to scum like this.


    1. Kae Lily says:

      That’s good. These sick fucks deserve nothing but cruel and twisted punishment.


  4. Steve says:

    Yeah, I too am getting really tired of the “My childhood was fucked up/its not my fault!” rationale.  I had a pretty fucked up childhood but that was then, now its MY responsibility to deal with that, not some innocent person on the street.

    I partially blame psychologists here-for years of slowly creating a blame the victim mentality, to the point where we have even publicly accepted that its okay to be a violent criminal if you have a violent past-when there are so many people out there with tragic and violent pasts who you never hear about-because they get help, get on with their lives and deal with things the best they can.

    this is nothing but a guy using every last legal maneuver he can to protect his stupid pederast ass from the chair. fuck him and his scumbag lawyer. hell is too nice for people like this.


  5. Wiccandreams says:

    I hate hate hate HATE the old “I had a bad childhood” excuse.   When I was 9 my dad beat me until he broke my nose and my arm.  When I was 8, I watched my best friend get shot and die.
    I don’t beat, starve, lock up or allow my kids to live in filth.  I am a single mom and my house is clean and my kids know they are loved and their needs will always be met.  They are well fed, clean, happy and loved. 
    If you are over 18, a crappy childhood doesn’t excuse being a crappy person.  If you are a parent, a lousy childhood excuses nothing.  Find a way to deal with it before having kids or keep yourself from passing that crap on to the next generation by not having kids at all.
    I like the idea of giving his cell mates knives and saws.  Awesome. 
    That poor girl.  I hope she has other family to turn to.


  6. Shellee says:

    Every time I hear the  “oh woe is me I had a fucked up childhood and that’s why I turned into a fucktard” makes me want to vomit. Look around there’s probably a metric assload of people who have had a shitty home life, throw a rock and you will probably hit someone who has. As for myself I can say that I had a very fucked up child hood that included my mother not believing that her lovely ex-con of a POS hubby was raping me but confronted him anyway so he thew me out of a moving car, then came back just to pull a knife on me and tell me he was going to make me eat the muzzle of a fucking gun if I didnt tell her that I was lying about everything I had told her….even after I tape recorded him comming on to me and gave it to her. She still didn’t believe me. I planned on leaving and my best friend that I was moving out with passed 3 days before I was set to leave, therefore I got stuck in that hell hole for an additional 2 years and endured getting more guns knives and what ever that prick could pull at me or throw at me or attempt to kill me with.

    My mom overdosed when I was 18, I got lucky enough to be the one that found her, dead. I ended up in not one but two shitty marriages where I was emotionally abused. Now did I become a bad parent?….uh no. Would I ever want my kids to endure the bullshit I went through? Double fuck no. I have been a single mother before scaping like mad going to school full time and working full time. Two of my children have special needs and yes they drive me bonkers on occassion but it has never crossed my mind to permanently silence them. My house is not as clean as my OCD self would like it to be but there has never been crap on my floor for more than 20 seconds after it has been discovered. My children have always had food even that meant that I went without. I figured out how to survive because in that hell I found out that you can rely on only you, typically no one else gives a shit.I agree with the person that said that this type of shit shows that there is a heaven and a hell because only someone utterly evil could do something like this.
    I know first hand that just because you must share the gene pool with somefucked up individuals that you are not them and you can make the changes to get away from the crap. I do not talk to my mother’s family or my biodad’s family because they are all some really fked in the head people. Some people may call me a helicopter mom because I do hover over my kids, I do watch them all of the time to make sure that they do not get hurt. I also make sure that the people in their lives are good people. I have even made it very clear to my present husband which is a Godsend after my two evil ex’s that if he ever touched a hair on my children’s head that theey would have a hell of a time finding his body. Thankfully he has not ever done anything to them and has been a wonderful role model. So this bullshit is exactly that bullshit. Just because you have a fucked up home life or just a fucked up life doesn’t mean you should carry on the cycle unless you are as evil and depraved as they are. I have made a point to be exactly the opposite of my mother and her husbands because I never wanted my children to feel the pain that I had to feel. I never wanted them to hurt like I did or feel like no one ever cared about them. I am sorry for the novel but I knew the next time I read that bullshit I was going to lose my damned mind. Life is hard, man up and take responsibility for your actions instead of passing the buck on something from the past.


    1. Susan Moore says:

      I empathize with a lot of what you’re saying. My condolences for having to be subjected to the things you did. It is awesome to see someone break the cycle though. You’re a strong woman and you show it everyday! I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying about the “Woe is me. I had a fucked up life.”


  7. Susan Moore says:

    I don’t give a flying fuck if he is a “model prisoner.” There is a huge difference between that and being a model citizen. This asshole deserves to die. Life in prison is too good for him, so is death, but I’d rather he not waste more oxygen he doesn’t deserve to breathe. I don’t care about his stupid achievements he got while being imprisoned. He didn’t learn from the first time. He is way more than habitual, he made crime a fucking career. Rest in torment.


  8. Melanie says:

    I am so tired of People using their childhood as an excuse for what happened to them.  I was abused, but it has just made me stronger, made me realize that I have to look out for my child more, because anyone, ANYONE out there could be an abuser, you don’t know, you can’t tell by looking at someone.  The man was just a fucked up assfuck, who decided, well I don’t want to go to jail for sexually abusing my daughter so I will kill the one person that knows about it.  God and then to say that his daughter did it? and all He did was dismember her, it made me gag.  -shakes my head- the death penatly is to good for this Man, what He needs is his own little cell, that He can’t get out of, but any prisoner that wants to can get in and assrape him over and over and over again. 


  9. Anonymous says:

    GROSS to the crime, yay to the outcome!


  10. Anonymous says:

    Shit, I didn’t have a fucked up childhood, and I still give absolutely no truck to the “I had a messed up childhood” bullshit line. I have too many friends who did have a fucked up childhood, and turned out as awesome people to believe the line. It’s just a person that has learned to blame everything bad in their life on everyone/everything but themselves and their current choices and actions.
    I guess some people might consider my childhood messed up. my parents divorced when I was in 1st grade, my dad remarried, and I grew up on Foodstamps living in public housing. But, my parents never acted like anything other than adults around each other until I was 18, my stepmom was strict but fair, and treated us like her kids, but didn’t try to replace our mom, and my dad was always available for my sister and me. I did get spanked, but only when I misbehaved, and only enough to get my attention. A non-messed up childhood does not always come from a two parent family where both parents are still married. And that can cause issues, if they decide to divorce after the kids are grown. My parents got out while they could still remain friendly to each other. I have a friend who’s parents waited to divorce until all their kids were 18, which happened while he was in college. It shattered him for many years, because it came out of the blue, his parents hid their problems. He spiralled into depression, had to drop out of school, and had many ill-advised relationships. He is only now getting back on his feet, and it has been almost 10 years, and took the support of several close friends. But I never saw him do something evil because of it, stupid, yes, evil, no.


  11. Angies4kids says:

    After reading this I went and read the blog from the trial…OMG!  
    Ladies, we need to stop making these decisions and putting our kids in these situations!  I by no means blame the mother, not at all, I just wish she didn’t give him so many chances after he showed his true character.   “When people show you who they are, believe them.”   


  12. April says:

    This was my cousin. Who knew the last time I saw her and Cynthia when Charlene and I were 10 would be the last time. Thanks for covering this. I have been following from a distance.


    1. Skye Belle Matilda Brand says:

      I’m so sorry you share DNA with this crap stain. If you have any good news to share about the girl (you know, like she’s in a happy home &amp going to school &amp having counselling &amp doing ok) we would all like to hear. I realise there’s probably not much you would be allowed to divulge as she is a minor but it sure would be nice to know that she is coping!


  13. Skye Belle Matilda Brand says:

    I wonder if forcing her to help was punishment for letting mum find out what he had been doing to her. This story is so sad. They’re all sad but for some reason this one just makes me feel empty.


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