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Adam Herrman

Adam Herrman

Herrmans plead guilty to theft:

In case you don’t remember the story of Adam Herrman a then 11-year-old Adam went missing from his adoptive parents’ house back in 1999. However, he was never reported missing until his sister reported it back in 2008. Herrman’s adopted parents, Doug and Valerie Herrman continued to collect government benefits for Adam up until 2005. The benefits exceeded the $50K mark.

Last week the Herrman’s pleaded guilty to defrauding the state of Kansas. No word on what the possible sentence could be but they are scheduled to be sentenced August 1st.

The Herrmans claim that Adam ran away and that the reason they never told anyone was that they were afraid the state would take their other kids away.

Prosecutors say that the Herrmans could still be charged for Adam’s disappearance.

10 thoughts on “Adam Herrman’s adoptive Breeders plead guilty to fraud

  1. Kimbev69 says:

    does anyone seriously think this child is even alive?


    1. Kae Lily says:

      I hate to say it, but sadly, I don’t think he is.


    2. I think that iff the authorities went “digging” around the area this child would be found. Very sad, these people must have no conscience what so ever. Very sad.


      1. Clevo says:

        I agree. They did something to him. The story about the run away was a white herring. They waited so long that evidence would be difficult to come by and they would still get paid is my guess.


  2. Muggle says:

    What dumbasses.  If one kid runs away, that probably wouldn’t mean your other kids would be taken away- it means the kid that ran away would be dragged back kicking and screaming by the local police! Come up with a better excuse next time, dumbasses! 


  3. Gennie says:

    Check out Robert Eugene Crawford Jr. In Kingsport Tn. I’m sorry but I didn’t know where else to send this tip in to.


    1. Itsmesg2003 says:

      omg what a pos indeed wtf


    2. April says:

      Thanks Gennie.  I found a link.  For future reference, there is a tips / contact button at the top of the page.  Or you can use this link:
      Take care!


  4. Anonymous says:

    It was all for the money.  How the hell did all this go out for so long with no one asking where the child was?


  5. Mike says:

    These type of cases would be justify torchering the parents until answers come out. Pieces of crap like these parents have too many rights. I caught this case on CNN a while back and have kind of followed it since. If what the sister is saying has an ounce of truth, then these people should not be allowed to live. Too many cases lately with children that no one really knew of (the boy kept in a dog cage in Indiana, girl kept in a closet because she looked like her dad, etc). The CPS workers should be prosecuted as well.


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