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Steven Weber

Steven Weber

Weiners and Losers:

You remember Steven Weber, don’t you? He played the screw-up brother on the TV show “Wings” and was in the horrible made for TV remake of “The Shining”. Basically, on the relevance scale, he ranks somewhere between Gallagher and Emilio Esteves.

Since the Huffington Post will allow any ‘celebrity’ to rant there Weber takes the media to task for descending on disgraced US Rep. Anthony Weiner like a pack of rabid badgers. In his admonishing of the media, Weber uses a falsehood to try to get his point across…

The fact that Weiner was one of the left’s most effective warrior’s against the legitimately vile purveyors of rightwing horseshit is now seemingly forever lost in the bloodlust that defines our cultural landscape; the prevailing analyses have more in common with base schoolyard taunts that bred a Dylan Klebold than with straight journalism.

I find two things wrong with Mr. Weber’s admonishment is that not only does he falsely assume that bullying caused Columbine but I have to ask where Mr. Weber’s criticism of the media was when right-wing politicians like Mark Sanford and Larry Craig were being raked across the media coals? I wouldn’t doubt that Mr. Weber was relishing in that but now that it’s one of his guys he thinks the media needs to lay off.

Please critique the media Mr. Weber as they often deserve it but at least be non-partisan about it and please do better research on Columbine before making the same mistakes that the media you’re criticizing makes.

One thought on “Steven Weber perpetuates the myth

  1. gordofromgardo says:

      Mr. Weber is actually one of the most virulent of the left wing writers and bloggers out there, so there is zero chance of non-partisanship of any kind from him.  As an example of this, he takes part in a Youtube series of videos called sadsadconversations, where the participants look into the camera and talk about their lives.  In one video, in response to a previous participant calling him a douchebag, he claimed the word douchebag was “…a term I despise.  It’s used by, uh, shallow right-wingers….”  So,that’s what you’re getting with Weber.
       And by the way, Trench, he could have written what you just wrote in one sentence.  No, his writing isn’t compact and straight to the point.  He would have written one long, long rambling sentence.  His writing’s not nearly as interesting as his fans tell him,  and if you lose the point of one of these marathon sentences, it’s unlikely you’ll want to go back and try to figure out the point.   


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