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Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia

Teacher arrested for rape of teen in 2009:

Catholic School Employee Accused of Having Sex With Student:

Yesterday Memphis police arrested 31-year-old Jose Garcia for allegedly having sex (child rape) with a 15-year-old boy that he approached on MySpace.

Garcia allegedly had sex with the student from Bishop Byrne High School after approaching the boy on MySpace in February of 2009. The ‘sex’ allegedly took place in the Junior Hall of the school. It wasn’t reported until 2010 and Garcia was eventually arrested in 2011.

Garcia was suspended and barred from the school at the time of the initial complaint.

He’s kind of ‘pretty’. He’s going to be really popular inside.

4 thoughts on “Memphis Catholic school teacher charged with MySpace rape of boy

  1. KathyK says:

    If I had a son, I would never let him anywhere near a Catholic church or school.


    1. I went to Catholic school and neither I nor anyone in my class was molested however I can see how you would feel that. 


      1. KathyK says:

        I know that not every boy is molested when he goes to Catholic church or school – but unfortunately it does seem to increase the odds.  Kind of like letting them go on MySpace.


        1. Sadly I can’t argue with you there. The Church is reaping what they sow. 


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