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James Randall Wilson

James Randall Wilson

Man on rollerblades charged in sex sting:

19-year-old James Randall Wilson was arrested in Orange County, Florida in a craigslist sting.

Police in Orange County posted an ad on craigslist posing as a woman who was selling out her 13-year-old niece for sex. The ad was looking for someone to “play and have fun with” with “my AWESOME niece.”

Wilson showed up for the meeting on rollerblades with condoms allegedly in his possession. He had the condoms because he allegedly promised not to get the girl pregnant.

Just another story where I’m sure this ad was placed in the casual encounters section without craigslist’s knowledge and where the community policing did nothing to prevent it. Luckily it was placed by police but how many ads like this aren’t?

2 thoughts on “Rollerblading pedo caught in craigslist sting

  1. Gopher says:

    Another sting that took advantage of a low-IQ guy. Shouldn’t there be a law against police doing this, knowing full well there will always be some dufus who wouldn’t think of doing this unless the police were out there stirring it up? I think we should put the police on trial and tell them to stop creating crimes where none exist. The rollerblader was an idiot, yes, but we was probably just some lonely 19 year old kid with bad judgment, not some child killer as the cops would like you to believe. Stop letting cops create crimes. 


    1. What’s a matter junior? Get caught in one of these stings?


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