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Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Encourages Advertisers to Bail on Village Voice:

Ashton Kutcher has been a really busy man lately when it comes to the fight against human trafficking. Now he has called on those companies who advertise on Village Voice Media properties to boycott the company because of the prostitution and trafficking ads on

Again Mr. Kutcher took to his Twitter account with its 7 million followers…

“Hey @disney @dominos are you aware that you are advertising on a site that owns and operates a digital brothel?”

According to the article American Airlines has pulled their ads and at the time of the article Domino’s was requesting more information from Mr. Kutcher.

As usual VVM tweeted something in return which again shows how greedy they are…

“We’re spending millions to keep kids off our adult pages. But @aplusk reveals he wants us out of biz because ADULTS use our adult pages!,”

Really VVM? You’re spending millions? What are those alleged millions going to? How about a little disclosure huh? And even if it were only adults on your site that would still mean that adults were being trafficked.

I guess money talks so loudly to VVM that it not only obscures common sense but it also obscures common human decency.

2 thoughts on “Ashton Kutcher calls for an advertising boycott of Backpage

  1. Jadecrowe says:

    it was weird enough knowing that Kelso gave up a scholarship to go into acting, but to know that he’s got a huge social conscious…  mind = blown.  and i applaud him.

    i’m glad dominos is researching further because i’d really hate to have to give up my chicken bacon ranch pizza.


  2. DodiaFae says:

    Disney isn’t much better.  They’ve had more than their fair share of perverted employees.  Not to mention 20/20’s pro-pedophile stance.  More info here.  


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