Camden needs to prioritize

License and registration please.

License and registration please.

The other day I begrudgingly found myself in Camden, New Jersey to attend to some business. Luckily I was not stabbed, shot in the eye or set on fire.

While I was there I noticed virtually no police presence and this was right near City Hall. Ok, that’s not entirely true. I saw one fat donut eating cop sitting in a bank lobby more than likely to take advantage of the air conditioning. However as I was leaving the city, as fast as possible, I noticed a plethora of police. Care to guess what they were doing? They were all sitting on the side of the highway running speed traps.

I don’t fault the police officers themselves because I’m sure they’re only following orders. However the city of Camden lays off half of their police force, tells their citizens not to call police unless it’s a major crime then has their remaining police force writing speeding tickets.

Of course the reason is money. 57% of the property within the city does not pay taxes. The city has to make money somehow and arresting someone for a major crime doesn’t make the city money.

So don’t worry Camden, while you’re lying in the streets bleeding from gunshot wounds the police will be protecting the city from speeders. God help you all.

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