Methtard blows up trailer with kids inside

Trailer trash and chemistry don't mix

Meth lab explodes at Rock Hill home; Mother charged:

Police in Rock Hill, South Carolina arrested 37-year-old Sonya Sloan Burton after a meth lab in her trailer exploded causing $20K in damage. Wait, wouldn’t that mean the entire trailer? Anyway police say that Burton and some others were making meth in the trailer’s bathroom when it exploded.

At the time of the explosion there were four children in the trailer ages 18 and under, two of which were her kids.

Since I haven’t seen anything on the kids’ conditions I guess they are relatively ok. Except for the part where they were traumatized by their tweaker mom when their home blew up.

Thanks to my lovely and talented wife Jade for the tip.


  1. Holy shit…that skank is 37?!?!? I’m 37 and she looks like my 66-year-old MOTHER.

    Just say no to drugs, kids! You don’t want to end up looking as old as your parents while your parents are still alive!


    • Agreed.  If looks could kill, she would outscore Bin Laden any day.  Absolutely disgusting.  Meth = death.


  2. Tweakers = dead weight. Meth is truly evil.But actually, if amphetamines (benzedrine, dexedrine, tec.) were legal to buy OTC at the drugstore like they were before circa 1965, there would be no reason to cook one’s own. Hence, no need to blow up one’s house no matter how strung out one is.


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