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Mayor Mike McGinn

Mayor Mike McGinn

McGinn orders city to suspend ads in Seattle Weekly:

Seattle mayor Mike McGinn has ordered that all ads placed by the city to be pulled from the Seattle Weekly. That’s the Seattle propaganda arm of Village Voice Media. The ads result in roughly $158K which I’m sure would be a blow to the cash strapped VVM. McGinn has ordered the ads pulled because of the prostitution and human trafficking ads on

Again an agent of VVM tries to act like they’re at the forefront of combatting human trafficking.

“I don’t know how that constitutes game-playing,” said Andy Van De Voorde, executive associate editor for Village Voice Media, speaking from Denver. He said the numbers used by activists were exaggerated and have been “subjected to so little scrutiny.”

He added: “We have never downplayed the seriousness of teenage prostitution.”

Van De Voorde said, “We have more than 100 people whose sole job is to screen ads.” And they notify law-enforcement authorities whenever they suspect anything illegal, he said.

You downplay the seriousness of child prostitution just by having the ads on Backpage. I know they know this. The problem is that VVM relies so much on the money made from these ads they will not go as quietly as craigslist did. Craigslist used the ads mostly for traffic before they started charging for them which eventually led to them shutting the ads down even though they appear in other places of craigslist but I digress.

Also if 100 VVM employees are scrutinizing ads for illegal activity it’s obvious they’re not doing enough. They’re probably doing what craigslist did and are only pulling the ads that would make them somehow legally responsible.

It comes down to this. The reason that VVM keeps saying that the statistics of children being trafficked in the US is overinflated is that their salaries depend on it.

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