Adam Baker wants ‘justice’ for Zahra

Adam Baker
Adam Baker

Zahra’s Father Says He Wants Justice For Her:

Adam Baker, the father of murdered and dismembered 10-year-old Zahra Baker, says he wants justice for his daughter’s death. He also wants his former main squeeze, Elisa Baker (aka the Sheen-Cow) to get what she deserves.

While I’m all for the Sheen-Cow being sent to the farm upstate so to speak if Adam Bake wants real justice he needs to only do one thing. Confess.

I have no doubt that Adam Baker has some knowledge of what happened to his daughter and probably some involvement. Cut your losses for your daughter. Go to police and tell them everything. Yes, you will probably go to jail but if you’re not the actual killer you need to do whatever it takes to see that Elisa Baker gets all that she deserves.

Thanks to Jade for the tip.

7 thoughts on “Adam Baker wants ‘justice’ for Zahra”

  1. So now he wants justice for her? Where the hell was he when his wife was murdering his child? It is too little too late a person who stands by and lets a child be abused and murdered is just as guilty as the abuser and deserves the same punishment.


  2. This just down right makes me angry. After all this, and trying to cover himself, he is now asking for justice? Where was the justice when he failed his daughter as a father…..


  3. I have read a few newspaper articles and would like to know why, I would prefer an internet link, people are saying he had anything to do with this. I am not looking for opinions but, something concrete with a reference.

    I am not saying anyone is wrong, I just have not read anything that says he was involved.

    The Anthony case took a huge toll on me mentally and emotionally. I have been following this case since day one.


  4. In Adam Baker’s defense, he may have told cops everything he knew, and we don’t know how much that is since police often don’t share a lot of details with the press, but knows Sheen-Cow was involved.  Or he’s hiding something, but Sheen-Cow still killed his daughter and he knows that much.  

    Pretty shitty that he won’t just confess his role though.  Going through all of this is just wasting investigators’ time and taxpayer money to feed, bathe, and clothe him and give him a bed to sleep in.  


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