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Troy Bonaparte

Troy Bonaparte

Pimp Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison:

18 years for sex ring boss convicted of human trafficking:

Sex Ring Organizer Gets 18 Years:

46-year-old Troy Bonaparte of Chicago was sentenced to 18 years in prison for forcing women into prostitution on the Village Voice Media-owned

Bonaparte made the women call him ‘Magnificent’ and would force the women to have sex with clients up to 25 times a day. Considering there are only 24 hours in a day that’s really rough. Like most street punk pimps Bonaparte would keep the money they made and would threaten them with violence if they tried to leave. So much for consenting adults huh?

VVM says they’re spending millions of dollars to combat illegal trafficking in their site. Like I said, they ‘say’ this. Personally, I think they’re full of crap because it’s easy to spot any prostitution ad on Backpage. They just don’t want to give up the stacks of cash that they make from the ads.

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