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Who’s Fooling Mike McGinn?:

I really would like to know what it takes to work for Village Voice Media. Do you have to swear fealty to the head of VVM? Do you have to fill out your application in the blood of virgins? Is there a reprogramming system that rewires your brain to support human trafficking? Are their families being threatened in a Mafia-like way? Or is it just plain greed?

Anyway, Seattle Weekly Editor-In-Chief, Mike Seely, has poison penned this column in response to Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn pulling city ads from Seattle Weekly. Again, Seattle Weekly is another propaganda arm of Village Voice Media.

As usually, Seely attacks the statistics that allegedly say that 100-300K children are being trafficked in the country per year. VVM says the number is more like in the hundreds.

Does it really matter if it’s in the hundreds or hundreds of thousands? Children are being trafficked and they are being trafficked on Backpage which as we all know is owned by Village Voice Media.

However many millions of dollars that VVM says that they’re spending to review their ads it’s obviously not enough. It must not be anywhere near the millions that they’re making on the ads that traffic women and children.

Face up to reality people. It’s all about the money. VVM is not taking a stand because of some First Amendment issue. It’s all about the money they make off the ads. Without the money made on the backs and knees of women and children, VVM has a better than average chance of going out of business. So basically they’re taking out their flawed business plans on the women and children being trafficked on their sites. You know, like an actual pimp would do.

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