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Sergio Carrillo

Sergio Carrillo

Monterey County Sheriff’s: Man accused of sexting teen through MySpace:

Police: Man Lured ‘Girl’ With Sexting, MySpace:

33-year-old Sergio Carrillo was arrested in Salinas, California for allegedly soliciting sex from a 13-year-old girl on MySpace and through text messages.

Luckily the girl was smart enough to inform police who set up a sting. Carrillo is said to have told the girl, who in this case was actually the police, to meet him at a local mall and to bring a friend. Ick.Of course instead of meeting the girl he was met by police who did bring friends.

Again I have some common sense tips for kids and parents. To the teens no 33-year-old man wants to be ‘just friends’ with you so you shouldn’t make your cell phone # public or give it out to anyone you don’t know. More than likely they are a predator who wants to do you harm.

For the parents again check your kids’ social networking accounts and make sure they’re not posting personal information that could be used by a predator. Also you need to check their cell phones as well as their computers. It’s not about not trusting your kids, it’s about protecting them.

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